Wednesday, April 9, 2008

1920s Culture

1. How did mass media influence 1920s culture?

2. What new types of entertainment were available?

3. What was the Harlem Renaissance?

4. What new heroes emerged in the 1920s?

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Jesse and Mattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

The Harlem Renaissance was named after the author Alain Locke and it was called the New Negro. The Renaissance took place in Harlem New York. It was new a new era in dance, literature, music and drama. it was an influence in american culture becauseThe Associated Negro Press, the first national black press agency, was founded in 1919.Carter Woodson, a Harvard Ph.D., founded the first permanent Negro historical association. The Renaissance changed the style of our dances and it gave us new music like jazz and new heros. the Renaissance also started new styles of clothing and new traditions.

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Adrienne Storm

1) Mass media influenced 1920s culture in many ways. The radio was the first mass media in the 1920s. The radio's broadcast consisted of many facts, news bulletins, and advertisements. They also they aired the play-by-play of a Pittsburgh baseball game in 1921. Other mass medias of the 1920s consisted of newspapers and magazines. Through the radio, newspapers, and magazines, people read and listened to same thing. By all listening to the same thing, it gave people things to talk about and brought them together as one. They all had the same things in common by listening to the same things and reading the same magazines and newspapers.

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2. What new types of entertainment were available? :

the 1920's were known as the "jazz age." People loved dancing, drinking, and celebrating. They found
entertainment in Mass Media, such as, magazines, books, radio, and movies. People read all the same things, and listened to all the same music, which unified the people in America

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Austin W

Armstrong and Babe Ruith were only a few of the heros of the 1920's. armstrongs music was heard all througout new york and for miles around. Babe Ruith was heard in almost in ever house that had a raido. they were both great infulences to america