Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sophs- Constitution Study Guide

Study all notes.
Study the worksheet, “The Constitution of the United States.”
Study your open notes quiz
Study worksheets from class.
- Constitution video sheet
- 1st and 4th amendment activity sheets

Essential Question:
- How have the visions of the Founding Fathers endured to the present day? (Think the Constitution, amendments, the make up of our government, etc)

Other key points from your notes…

- Constitutions
- Articles of Confederation
- Weakness of the Articles of Confederation
- Constitutional convention
- James Madison
- Virginia Plan
- New Jersey Plan
- The Great Compromise
- House of Representatives: what is membership based on?
- Senate: Each state has how many?
- Why was slavery an issue?
- 3/5 compromise
- Federalists
- Antifederalists
- The year the Constitution was written
- 3 branches of government:
- Powers of legislative branch:
- Powers of executive branch:
- Powers of judicial branch:
- Which state was the first to ratify the constitution? The last?
- What is a representative democracy?
- To be eligible for president, what criteria must be met?
- Bill of rights:
- When was the Bill of Rights added?
- Checks and balances
- How does one become president?
- 1st amendment: what it protects; Tinker v. Des Moines case; situations worksheet
- 4th amendment: what it protects; Mapp v. Ohio; exclusionary rule; situations worksheet

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