Monday, May 10, 2010

Seniors- Growin' Up...

As we near the completion of our class presentations, I'm sure most of you are anxiously looking forward to the events of the near future. Finals. Prom. Graduation. Summer. College. And so on. However, for this assignment I'm going to ask you to suppress those thoughts and look back to your past. As a result of signing up for child psychology, you should have a good understanding about the physical, cognitive and psychosocial development of children from birth to early childhood. Now it's your turn to provide personal examples of these developmental aspects.

Here is the assignment... Sit down and talk (put your cell phone away, close your facebook, turn off the television) and TALK with one or both of your parents about your development throughout childhood. Think of it as an interview or a discussion. Ask questions about your childhood development and use topics from class to initiate your discussion. You will discover stories and characteristics about yourself that you've never known about. Plus, your parent(s) will be thrilled to talk with you about when you were young, especially now that their baby is off to the next phase of life.

Here are some example questions to help you get started...
- What was my temperament like as an infant, child, ect? Did my personality change over time?
Explain with specific examples.
- At what age did you learn to crawl, walk?
- Did I have a transitional object? If so, what was it?
- What was I like during the 'terrible twos'?
- Favorite games, tv shows?
- What was my first word? Ask for other characteristics about your language acquisition.
- Ask for deferred imitation examples.
- What were some of my favorite activities to do as a child?
- What was I like on my first day of preschool/kindergarten?
- These are only a few. Feel free to ask any other question that relates to class this year.

Length: 2-3 pages typed word document, double-spaced, font size 12 times new roman.

Due: Monday, May 17th

Value: 25 points

Note: If you have any conflict in doing this assignment, please see me for an alternate assignment.

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freeholdbruce said...

Well, I talked to my parents, and this is what they told me about growin' up:

I stood stone-like at midnight suspended in my masquerade
I combed my hair till it was just right and commanded the night brigade
I was open to pain and crossed by the rain and I walked on a crooked crutch
I strolled all alone through a fallout zone and came out with my soul untouched
I hid in the clouded wrath of the crowd but when they said "Sit down" I stood up.
Ooh-ooh growin' up