Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ch. 5 Test Review

Child Psychology- 646

Ch. 5 Study Guide

Part I: Objective

Part II: Defining key terms

Part III: Short Answers

All notes

Read Ch. 5

Ch. 5 Objective questions


- neonatal period

- Anoxia; meconium

- Braxton-Hicks; labor contractions

- Ferdinand Lamaze; Dick-Read

- Low birth weight; Average birth weight; Small for date

- Presentation (positions of the baby)

- Lanugo; vernix caseosa; fontanels

- Postmature; prematurity

- stages of birth

- Apgar scale

- Electronic fetal monitoring; Assisted delivery techniques

- Natural childbirth; Mediated delivery; Cesarean section

- Postpartum illness

- Kauai longitudinal study

- Imprinting; mother-infant bond State of arousal

- Doula; Midwife

- What starts labor

- Impact on family

- kangaroo care

- electronic fetal monitoring

- 3 degrees of postpartum illness

- first weeks at home with a newborn

Chapter 5 review

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