Thursday, October 18, 2007

The U.S. Constitution

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." - Preamble of the U.S. Constitution

Establishing a "Balance of powers"
As a class, all of you did a nice job of analyzing the Constitution in your textbook to determine what powers belong to each of the three branches of government. Now that we have separated the powers among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches you must post which power you think is most significant to each branch. In other words, you will state what you think is the most important power of the legislative branch , the executive branch , and the judicial branch. Be sure to include WHY you made your decision.


KayT said...

I think that the biggest power of the Legislative Branch is to make laws because they collect tax money and provide money for the military defense of our country. I think that the biggest power of the Executive Branch is commander in chief of the army because this determines how our president and the laws of our country are carried through. I think that the biggest power of the Judicial Branch is to carry out the Legislative and Executives decisions. They need to be fair and need to weigh out all information in order to decide.

AshS said...

Legislative Branch: I would pick making the laws because you can't be a strong government or nation without laws or organization.

Executive Branch: I would say take care of the that the laws be faithfulley exected because if the laws dont get executed then Congress will not be able to be veto the laws.

Judical Branch: I would say power in all cases in law and equity (justice) beacuse if you dont have the power to make a trial equal then it will be an unfair ruling.

tayr said...

legislative - i think the most important thing about legislative branch is that they make laws. i think this because making laws is important to the country and everywhere and its just good they make the laws.

judicial- i think the most important thing about judicial is power in all cases in law and equity because a branch should be power in all cases with the law.

executive- i think the most important thing about executive is make treaties because to have a good country you have to have people on your side when things happen to your country the others can/will help you out.

JESO said...

i think the executive branch becuase thats the president and he has the most power in the united states and he is in charge of the Army Navy Marines and Air Force. He can use them when ever it is necessary.

AdrS said...

I think the most significant power of the legislative branch is to make laws. I think that's important because without laws, our society would be one anarchy mess. The most significant power of the executive branch is to suggest new laws. I think this is important because new threats arrive in society today that weren't a problem back then so suggesting a new law to prevent a problem is never a bad idea. Finally, the most significant power of the judical branch is to decide controversies between states. I think this is important because the United States isn't always going to get along, and if they fail to cooperate with each other, the only think holding the states together is the judicial system, and that's important because then the states would stay together rather than always have some feud between them.

M Alb. said...


Make sure you also discuss the important powers of the legislative and judicial branches!

johp said...

i think it is the judicial because they have the highest court which is the supreme court

i think the most important part of the executive branch is they have the most powerful leader which is the presiddent

i think that the most important part of the legilative branch is that they have the house of reps

KelT said...

Legislative Branch : Making laws because laws help us run our country.

Executive Branch : The power to veto the laws because they need someone to revise them and decided what laws are good for our country

Judicial Branch : the power of he highest court.

AusW said...

the legislative branches most important power isto collect taxes.
the best power of the juditcial branch is that they have all power over all of the cases.
the most iportant thing about the executive branch is that the presadent is the comander in chief.

MarW said...

Legislature-"make laws" because if we didn't have laws the world would be more messed up today.

Executive- "Take care that the laws be faithfully executed because they make sure that the laws are straight.

Judicial-"power in all case in law and equity(justice) because it makes sure that everything is equal.

matl said...

i think the legislative branch has the most power because it is able to make laws and collect taxes they also establish a uniform rule of naturalization

the Executive branch takes care that the laws be faithfully executed it also give congress information on the state of the union

the Judical branch decide controversies to which the United States shall be a party also decides cases affecting ambassadors

JonC said...

Leg; I would pick to make laws. You cannot be a strong government without strong and smart laws.

Exe: Commander and Chief of our army because that is the head of the country and we have to makes sure things don't become corrupt.

Jud: We have to make sure the decisions of the other branches are carried out and performed.

Zekh said...

Legislative Branch: I believe that this branch is the strongest because it makes the laws. I believe this because without laws there would be so much chaos.

Executive Branch: The head commander and chief of our military, and most importantly how our president goes through with carrying out laws.

Judicial Branch: Carries out what the Executive and Legislative decisions are. The Judicial Branch has the highest court,The Supreme court.

ricm said...

Legislative- Make laws and collect taxes for other issues.

Executive- Contains the president which in my opinion is the biggest and strongest of all the branches.

Judical- Handle all the big cases and that is a very important task they also have the house 0f reps.

BreM said...

(make laws)
1.)I think making laws is important cause without them everyone would go crazy and do what they want,so we need them to keep people in check.

(pay depths to provide common defense)
1.)This is important because other countries would try to take advantage of us if we couldnt protect ourself.

(decide controvercies between states)
1.)This is important cause when something is going on between states, if it was up to the states they would probaly just go to war until someone wins but with the Judicial branch they make sure everything ie equal