Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"The Presidents"

After viewing the film, "The Presidents," you should now have a clearer idea of the influence of the first three American presidents. Reply to this post by identifying 3 significant facts EACH about George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson that you recorded in your notebooks from the film. (You should have 9 total facts.) Remember, your facts should portray Washington's, Adams', and Jefferson's influences on the early government, the presidency, and American policy. (In other words, do not write that George Washington enjoyed dancing and interior decorating in his free time.)


ashs said...

George Washington
1) His first cabinent was the best overall
2) He was the embodyment of the revolution
3) He was the only president not to serve his term in Washington D.C.

John Adams
1) Father of the American Navy
2) Created the Allan and Sidition Act
3) He was the first president to live in the White House

Thomas Jefferson
1) He was the first president inaugerated in Washington
2) Louis and Clark expedition
3) Created imbargo act

RicM said...

George Washington
1. Was the first man to take the position as president.
2. Simply wanted to be called Mr. President.
3. Was the embodyment of the American Revolution.

John Adams
1. Lost the chance of a second term to a democratic republican.
2. Was Americas First Vice President.
3. Was the first to truly work out of the White House.( as in a job not a gym)

Thomas Jefferson
1. Was the first democratic republican to take office.
2. Creater of the imbargo act.
3. Handled with the press extremely well.

jeso said...

George Washington never lived in the white house. He had the best cabnit ever. He decided that no president should have more then two terms.

John Adams was the father of the Navy. He was the first president to live in the white house. He was the first vice president

Thomas Jefferson bought the louisiana property for 15 million dollars. He had the Lewis and Clark ecpedition. He didnt want to get involved in the French and England war.

tayr said...

george washington
1. the only president not to serve term in washington dc
2. "so help me God" was added by him
3. didnt want a high title

John Adams
1. went againist freedom of speech, by signing the treaty
2. father of navy
3. first president to live in white house

Thomas Jefferson
1.didnt like speaking in public
2. Lewis & Clack expedition
3. created the inbargo act

JCass said...

G Wash ~

1. Added "so help me God" to inauguration.

2. Best Cabinet in U.S History.

3. Made plans for the New Captial, but only pres. that iddn't serve there.

J Adams ~

1. Sediction Act

2. Father of Navy.

3. First to live in White House.

T Jeff ~

1. First President to by Inaugurated in Washington.

2. Lousiana Purchase.

3. Louis & Clark Expedition/ Imbargo Act.


kelt said...

Geroge Washington
1] Best Cabinet.
2] Did not serve in Washington D.C
3] Decided serving 2 terms was enough.

John Adams
1] Father of the Navy
2] Sudition Act - could not falsy speak out against political figures.
3] First Vice President

Thomas Jefferson
1] Wanted weaker Central Government
2] Embargo Act
3] Louis and Clark Experdition

johp said...

george washington
1) he was the first president to be elected in office
2) he had the best cabinent
3) he se the standards on the president can serve two terms

john adams
1) he established the navy
2) he was the first vice president
3) he was the first to live in the white house

thomas jefferson
1) made the la purchase
2) made the embargo act
3) lewis and clark expetditon

MarW said...

George Washington
Elected twice and 1st president
wanted to be call Mr.president

John Adams
Father of navy
1st president to ive in the white house

Thomos Jefferson
Democratic Republican
Louisiana Purchase made country bigger
Ended all trade Imbargo Act

adrs said...

George Washington
1) He was unamiously elected twice
2)He had the best cabinent
3)He did not serve at Washington D.C

John Adams
1) Made the Sidition Act
2) He was the Father of the Navy
3) 1st to serve at the White House

Thomas Jefferson
1)He didn't give addresses, he sent letters
2)Louisiana Purchase
3) Louis and Clark expedition

awagner said...

George Washington
-formed the presadency as we know it
-wanted to be called Mr. Pesadent
-was 40
Jhon Adams
-first vice presadent
-was eventual elected presadent for one term
Thomas Jefferson
-from V.A.
-made te loiusina purchase

ZEKE said...

George Washington:
1- First President
2- Wanted to be called title, Mr. President.
3- Only president that did not serve in the White House.

Thomas Jefferson:
1- Louis and Clark expedition
2- First democratic republican to take office.
3- Created the Imbargo Act

John Adams:
1- Father of American Navy
2- First president to rule from the White house.
3- Sudition Act (could not falsly speak out against political leaders.)

kayt said...

George Washington:
1.)1st and most liked President of all.
2.)The only President that didnt live in the White House.
3.)Didn't want a high title so he preferred to be called "Mr. President."

John Adams:
1.)1st President to live in the White House.
2.)Father of the Navy.
3.)Created the Sidition Act.

Thomas Jefferson:
1.)1st President inagurated in Washington.
2.)Created imbargo act.
3.)Lewis and Clark Expedition.