Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sophs- Blue Class

Submit your answers to the Transcontinental Railroad Assignment here.

Make sure you include the names of all the members in your group.

Very Important: Put the group name at the top (Ex: Union Pacific- Irish Immigrants)
Re-type each question with the answer to follow.

Homework: Each student must print out the class answers and put them in their notebook.


Plains Indians (3) said...

Karli M,Tom F,&Brandon F said...

1.How did the railroad affect the buffalo herds?
The transcontinental railroad affect the heard by the hunters who are engaged in the business oh hunting the buffalo for is hide are returning daily from ranges on the north&south.

3.What kept the Native Americans faithful to the land?
What kept them faithful was that it taught them how to survive,hunt grow food,and learn to live together.

4.How did the white settlers affect the plain Indians world?
The whites affected the plains Indian world by the whites started to take over the land and food,and they brought a disease,also tried to convert them to Christianity.

5.Could the railroad and the native American culture have coexisted?
No,the culture could not have coexisted because more whites started to settle in the west.

Gov. MD&SZ&JF&NB said...

The Government said..Mike D, Steph Z, Joe F, Nicole B.
1.Who benefited from the Homestead Act? The citizens of America that benefited from the Homestead Act were primarily Government and mostly Southern States.
2.What was the purpose of the Pacific Railway Act of 1962? The purpose of the Pacific Railway Act of 1962 was to give five square miles to give public land railroad companies. For each mile of the track was laid. Encouraged railroad companies for railroad construction and public services.

3.Why did the government set up competition between the two railways? The Government set up competition between the two railways because government wanted to see if east or west would successfully build and complete the railways first.

5.What does the government plan to do to protect settlers from Native Americans? The government plans to protect settlers from Native Americans by setting up Calvery which were trained to watch for unwanted Native Americans and to take them away if they were in intrude.

6.Why is the government providing the building of telegraph wires along the route? The Government is providing the building of telegraph wires along the route because they wanted efficient ways of communication for the railways and when they would be arriving and leaving.

Group 1 said...

Group 1- Alex C. Cesar M. Zach E.
1.) Why did the Irish to America? The Irish came to America for many reasons like religious freedom,and more opportunity. But also at the time the economy was bad at the time so they came to America for a better chance to find jobs. Another reason is that they had a food shortage.

2.) Why was rail work appealing? The money was good and money was something they needed at the time.

3.) What were their customs & Traditions? Irish dancing, The River Dance. Some of their foods were the Irish breakfast and a bowl of stew. And they drank a lot of Whiskey! Some sports were Hurling and Soccer.

4.) How were the Irish exploited? It was a very unhealthy place to work because of the disease's that were spread. There was no standard hygiene and health factors for other workers around. and the workers were responsible for their on health and safety on the job site.

Chinese immigrants said...

1. Why did they come to America?
Chinese immigrants came to America because they were attracted by the Gold Rush.
2. Why was the rail work was appealing?
The work was appealing because the Chinese needed jobs and it paid you $28 month. They were also experienced so they knew how to work on the railroad.
3. What were their customs and traditions?
Chinese stayed with their customs and traditions when they came to America. They lived simply, cooked their own meals which were usually rice and vegetables, and they ate with chopsticks. They wore loose-fitting tunic shirts, short trousers, long stockings, and wooden-soled slippers.
4. How were they exploited by the owners of the railroads?
They were exploited because they participated a lot in the building of the transcontinental railroad, they operated under the most dangerous conditions, and handling explosives but they were given much credit for it.

(stefanie, natasha, izzy)

Plains Settlers said...

sam, cambria, mike, janet said...

1.Why did the Plain Settlers come to settle in Middle America?
-They came to settle in Middle America because the government encouraged Manifest Destiny.
2. What was the homesteading appealing to the Plain Settlers?
-The homestead act declared that any citizen or intended citizen could claim 160 acres of surveyed government land.East and far west closed to settlement and expansionists pushed through the Kansas,Nebraska act of 1854, which opened that territory to farmers.
4. How were the Plain Settlers exploited by the owners of the railroads?
- Some of the settlers customs and traditions were their first homes were usually dugouts, every morning the farmers wife or daughter gathered eggs to eat and sell.
-they had a lot of fighting.