Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sophs- Green Class

Submit your answers to the Transcontinental Railroad Assignment here.

Make sure you include the names of all the members in your group.

Very Important: Put the group name at the top (Ex: Union Pacific- Irish Immigrants)
Re-type each question with the answer to follow.

Homework: Each student must print out the class answers and put them in their notebook.


Peter,Pat,Jack said...

Central Pacific - Chinese immigrants

1.Why did they come to America?
- They came to America because the Chinese communist government was too controlling to the citizens.
2.Why was the rail work appealing?
- The rail work was appealing because they would be able to move to America to get jobs to do rail work and also while they are doing this they would be able to make a lot of money in doing so.
3.What were there customs and traditions?
- Many of the old customs and traditions benefit production and prosperity have been for the developed like the ongkor harvest festival were they exploited by the owners or the rail roads?
- They were exploited by their labor, they cooked their own food, and also they got their own pay.

Alex,Keith,Victoria said...


1. Who benefited from the Homestead Act?
-Most blacks and poor whites saw homesteading in the American West as their path toward economic salvation.
2. What was the purpose of the Pacific railway act of 1862?
-Was approved and signed into law by Abraham Lincoln on July 1, 1862. Officially entitled an act to aid in the construction of a railroad and telegraph line.
3. Why did the government set up competition between the two railways?
-The job will get done quicker transportation, building of railways.
4. Why does the government give adjoining lands to the rail companies?
- So that the railroads could be extended.
5. Why did the gov. provide building of telegraph wires?
-They needed a way to communicate to the east and west coast easily.

Irish said...

Irish Immigrants

1. Why did they come to America?
-The Irish came to America because of religious freedom. They came to America seeking to worship the way they wanted to. Also, because there was a famine, and their crops were all dying.

2. Why was the rail work appealing?
- In Ireland, there was nothing but starvation and persecution, so they came willing and able to work. The country was growing and it needed men to do the heavy work of building bridges, canals, and railroads.

3. What were their customs and traditions?
- Their language was English. They were the first catholic group to arrive in the U.S. They dominated the politics of many American cities. Also, they started Halloween. Christmas Day is almost entirely a religious festival.

4. How were they exploited by the owners of the railroad?
- When a group of Irish masons struck for higher wage, Crocker suggested using Chinese men in their place.

maria dan and mikey said...

4.Plain Settlers- Maria, Mikey, Dan.
1. Gold opportunities, farming, ranches, rail jobs, and valuable land.
2.Free soil party, which saw such distribution as a means of stopping the spread of slavery.
5.They were harrassed and terrorized many times, and this went on for a while.

Anonymous said...

plains indians
josh brian courtney

1. how did the transcontinental railroad impact buffalo herds ?
the buffalo herds were depleted. They learned to hunt the buffalo skillfully by finding out 52 different ways to use their hooves.
3. What kept Native Americans faithful to their land?
The natural environment of the Great west provided life to American Indians. They learned to work and hunt together. The weather changes helped them to be observant to the land. They learned from animals, earth, and plants. Everyone and everything had a role and responsibility.