Thursday, May 7, 2009



Mikey and Cody said...

1. 3 headed monster which is Japan, Nazi, and Italy. There is a little kid,represents david who took down galieth. 1942 is in there, with a book with names in it, also allies are under rocks
2."Just wait til the feller grows up"
3.the Axis powers are represented and a little baby representing the WWII
4.Emotions portrayed is anger is the faces of the axis powers and determintaion in the face of the baby.
5.Both teams are attacking one another, but the axis powers have mighty weapons, while the allies have rocks and a sling shot. is showing that there is going to be a tough battle between the axis powers and the allies powers.

Peter Manniel, Alex palece, Jacob moye said...

1. The people in this cartoon is Germany, Japan, and Italy as Goliath and the U.S.A is David taking out the giant.

2. "Just Wait Until the Little Feller Grows up"

3. All the weapons that the enemies have are what the U.S is going up against.

4. The giant is pissed off and thinks that it will be able to destroy the U.S.A but what they don't know is that the U.S.A is confident and knows that it will be able to take out the team of three.

5. Germany, Italy, and Japan are getting ready to attack U.S.A and U.S.A is standing in front of them getting ready to attack back.

6. The message in this cartoon is that even though Germany, Italy, and Japan is big that doesn't mean that they will win and even though U.S.A is smaller they will be able to slay the team of three.

maria and shannon said...

1. it looks like the axis powers. the us is the little baby. and the sign that says allies.
2. there is a book that says david and galighth. and "just wait til the little feller grows up" and a sign that says allies. u.s the big three headed monsters is the axis powers.
4.the baby is small and doesnt have any good weapons. and the axis powers look mean and has alot more weapons.
5.the axis and allied powers are fighting and the allied powers are weak and have nothing and the axis powers are big and have big weapons.
6.that the allied powers are un-prepared but when we get ready and train we will defeat them.

Zach Tom said...

1. i can see a baby fighting a three headed monster that is representing Germany Japan and Itay leaders.

2. it shows that the little country could beat the big guys now and they don't know what he can do when he gets bigger.

Alexandra, Stef, Janet said...

1. Hitler, German soldiers, boats, airplanes, tanks, weapons, an allies sign, rocks, a book.

2. There is a baby with 1942 on him, there is an Allies sign, and the book of david and goliath.

3. The tanks, airplanes, and boats that the Natzi party is holding represents how they are attacking each country. The