Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sophs- political cartoons

Go to this political cartoon link...

Choose a cartoon about one of the following topics...
- Haiti relief
- Chile earthquake
- Health care issue
- Jim Bunning filibuster

Next, choose a cartoon of your choice of topic.

For each cartoon, answer the following...

1. List the objects or people you see in the cartoon.

2. Identify the cartoon caption and/or title

3. Identify any symbols and their meaning

4. Describe the action taking place.

5. What is the background information of this cartoon? You must do research in the news to answer this question

6. Explain the message of the cartoon.


Blaine Fasy & david bloom said...

1. the country of haiti and chile.
2. its called chile.
3. there showing earthquakes and how march madness more important than the relief for the earthquakes.
4. two people from chile and haiti are standing on earthquake lines shaped as march madness brackets.
5. both chile and haiti are struggling with earthquake disasters and the U.S is to caught up in college basketball when they should be helping these earthquake victims.
6. people of haiti and chile are in morning about there families and their country and they need our help with food, and shelter. when we should be worried about the earthquake victims when we are concerned about winning money with the best final four when the money could be going to a greater cause.

Alex Kaminski and Kylie Parker said...

1. Chile President and Chile after the earthquake.

Alex Kaminski and Kylie Parker said...

#2. The Chile president in the cartoon says "a box of bandaids and we are good to go!". The title is Michelle Bachelet.

Evan and Aj said...

1.There is a tidal wave, Obama, a democrat, public opinion.
2. The quote is representing if everyone in the government is for Obamacare then they can just overpower what the public really wants.
3. Obama is surfing the wave so that he can show his control over the people.
4. Since Obama is surfing and the congress is the wave it is showing that he has no control over them and he is just going along with what congress says.
5. The background of this cartoon is how Obama is trying to push health care.
6. This cartoon is how the government is trying to force government run health care on the public with out the publics opinion.

kavena, mdelaveaga said...

1. In the cartoon there is a first aid kit and there are band-aids that spell out Haiti.
2.The title is Haiti.
3. There are band-aids and a first aid kit that means that people are trying to restore Haiti.
4. none.
5. The back round to this cartoon is the earthquake in Haiti and people are trying to help them. They had a live aid concert to raise money for Haiti as well.
6. The message is that America is trying to help Haiti.

Elizabeth and Alex said...

1. Buildings damaged.
Cars flipped over.
debris from natural disaster.

2. Caption; " A box of Band-Aids and we're good to go" / Title; "Chile Seeks Relief"

3. The meaning is that Chile's president failed to help the devastation of the destruction of the earthquake.

4. The action that is being taken place is Chile is in a horrible condition and no one has created a plan to help. The quote is stated in sarcasm.

5. The background information in this cartoon is that the earthquake hit chile and the president has yet to make a change for the country and the environment.

6. The message of the cartoon is that it will take a little more help by other then band-aids to fix the destruction of the earthquake.

Alex Kaminski and Kylie Parker said...

#3. The symbols and meanings are in the background you can see the destroyed buildings and the president trying to clean it up. She says that all they need is banaids to fix the earthquake damage. This cartoon is saying that the president under estimated the damage from this earthquake.

Ryan j and Harry h said...

1. Barrack Obama, the doctor.
2. The title is Obama Checkup. The doctor is saying "bad news-The GOP's filibustered your nicotine patch."
3. Sybols are the nicotine patch and the GOP filibustering.
4. Barrack Obama is getting a checkup from a doctor. The doctor is saying the GOP is taking away his nicotine patch.
5.the GOP is exposing Obama's cigarette addiction to the public. the doctors say he is in excellent health and is "fit for duty."
6.The Message of this cartoon is that the press can do many things to get their way, they are using his addiction to make him look bad.he might have needed his nicotine patch so he could do his long filibuster speech.

Kate Jerz said...

1.In this cartoon, I see the Haitian people at the bottom of the sand glass, and the items I see are the items that are suppose to be helping these citizens.

2.The name of this cartoon is "Haiti Relief Color". There is no caption.

3.One of the symbols is an hour glass,representing the long time that it is taking for America and other countries to send help to these Haiti citizens in need of nourishment. The large crowd of people at the bottom of the glass represent the thousands of Haitian citizens that are dying and need hep. One last symbol is the single first aid kit, which the crowd is racing to catch. This represents the craziness and desperatness of these people.

4.The action is the medical and nourishment supplies slowly (VERY slowly) falling through the narrow middle of the hour glass, and the Haitian people rushing to to get these few supplies.

5.The background info of this cartoon goes behind the frustration of the fact that there are currently not enough supplies being sent to the hospitals in Haiti.Therefore there are people dying and getting even more sick, so they are currently "fighting" for their lives.

6.The message of this cartton is that Haiti is in dire need of HELP. They do not have the medial and food supplies that we have, and they are dying off as a result of this. It is to teach us that we must get a move on and help these people, who are going through more frustration than we could possibly ever imagine.

Hunter V & Christine W said...

Chile Seeks Relief

1) The Chilean President Michelle Bachelet is cleaning up the rubble from the Chile Earthquake.

2) Michelle Bachelet is saying "A Box of Bandaids and We're Good To Go".

3) Bachelet is cleaning up the rubble from the earthquake. The 'Bandaids" represent her underestimating the devastaion of the earthquake, and as the days went on, they found more and more bodies.

4) Bachelet is cleaning up rubble from the earthquake.

5) Bachelet underestimated the devastation of the earthquake, and as more and more days passes, they found more and more bodies.

6) The message of the cartoon is that since she underestimated it, she asked for Chileans to stop hoarding supplies. So in the cartoon she says, "A ox of bandaids and we're good to go!", which shows she didn't think the earthquake was that bad.

John C Mike K said...

1) The president of Chile and the destruction of the earth quake. The President of Chile is shoveling the ruble from the destroyed buildings.
2) The title of the cartoon is Chile seeks relief.
3)The symbols in this cartoon are the country Of Chile is destroyed by an earth quake and that the President is shoveling ruble.
4) The president is shoveling by himself to represent their determination to help themselves. The presidents quote a few band aids and we'll be good represents this
5)Chile recently had an earthquake that destroyed most of the country. The Government doesn't want any other countries help because they are trying to show independence and strength.
6)The cartoonist is showing the Chilean Government's need to over come the tragedy alone. The cartoonist thinks that this is too much work for the Government to over come single handed. This is because the ruble is overwhelmingly piled around the president and his tiny shovel.

B Quinn. A Williams. said...

1.)person from Chile and a person from Haiti.


3.)The caption from the Haitian says "Welcome to March sadness." The cracks in the Earth symbolize the brackets from the NCAA March Madness Tournament.

4.)The two people are discussing the earthquakes that have struck their countries and how they are sad events.

5.)On February 28, a large earthquake struck the South American nation of Chile. The death toll from this earthquake has risen everyday. The current death toll is approximately 800 people.

6.)The message in this cartoon is that it is now March and there have been two large earthquakes in the past two months. One in the South American nation of Chile and one on the island of Haiti. Both of these earthquakes are very tragic.

Mike S , Sam R said...

1. The Chile president with a shovel cleaning up dirt in Chile.

2. The title is Chile seeks relief. The 1 caption in the story is " A box of bandaids and we're good to go.

3. The woman in the cartoon is the Chilean president Michelle Bachelet and she has a shovel and a hard hat which represents she does not want help from other countries.

4. The action taking place is that the president is cleaning up the country by herself and not getting relief from any other country.

5. The background of the cartoon is that Michelle Bachelet told her counrty to remain calm and they will be back to normal in couple days

6. The message of the cartoon is that Chile doesn't want any help and they are good on there own.

david bloom & blaine fasy said...

1. there is a sombrero with bullets flying through it
2. violence in mexico
3. the sombrero represents what mexican men where and bullets are shooting because of the cartel smuggling drugs across the border.
4.mexicans are smuggling drugs and the border patrol is fighting back and trying to catch the cartel.
5. the background information is that U.S citizens are driving across the border to smuggle drugs back to the U.S mainly in Los Angelos.
6. the message is that U.S border patrol is trying to stop drug smuggling into our country.

Alex Kaminski and Kylie Parker said...

#4. The action taking place in this cartoon is the earthquake's destruction and the president trying to clean it up.

5. The background of this information is the damage from the earthquake and the president not fixing it all the way (banaids).

6.The message of this cartoon is that the Chile president does not want other countries help and is not fixing the damage all the way.

Evan and Aj 2 said...

1. Obama is holding his choices and he is thinking what decisions to use.
2. That there are two promises that he said and he has to keep one and leave one. Therefore he wont be able keep all his promises.
3. His options are in his hand and he is deciding what option to go with .
4. Obama is not keeping the promises that he said he would keep.
5. The background is that Obama is trying to figure out what option to go with.
6. The message is should the government run health care or should it stay how it is.

J. Hynson, J. BlackWell said...

1. In the political cartoon in the background you see buildings crumbling, cars flipped over, and like bridges colapsed. And there is the Chile President in the middle of the picture with a shovel and hat.
2.Michelle Bachelet, and she is saying, "A Box of Bandaids and we are good to go"
3. We said the hard hat could represent that the president is a hard head. The backround shows the devestation of Chile.
4. the president of chile, has a shovel and hard hat trying to clean up the mess of the earthquake.
5.the background information on this cartoon is that the president fails to realize the actual devestation.
6. She is saying just a box of bandaids and we will be good to go

Jazmyne H and Sam S said...

1. -Haiti relief airplane
2. -Haiti Quake relief
3. The snails in the picture stand for the soldiers coming over to help the victims in Haiti. The political cartoon represents that fact that Haiti isn't getting the help as fast as they need it.
4.The snails are being unloaded from the air plane.
5.The fact that there was an earthquake in Haiti that had destroyed many people lives, homes, and land. The victims still need help, but it seems to be that they are being ignored. The victims are starting to be forgotten in all the news that goes on in a day, and they are desperately needing our help still.
6.The message of the cartoon is that help is still needed, but we are not putting forth the effort and speed that we should be.

Andrew B, Ryan D, and Alex D said...

1.Average citizen and a ball that is thrown by Jim Bunning
3.The ball represents Jim Bunning.
4.A citizen going to the unemployment place trying to look for a job.
5.Jim Bunning, a senator from Kentucky, doing a filibuster to stall the bill that is trying to be passed to give unemployed benifits.
6.Bunning throwing a baseball at a person to stall them so the place will close and wont be open for them.

MZeoli ZMiller said...

1. A guy is standing on a wooden plank. He is deciding whether to help Haiti or Chile.
2. The title of the cartoon is called Chile.
3. It is settling the debate about whether to help Chile or Haiti.
4. There is a man standing on a plank with a life raft deciding whether to go to Haiti or to go and help Chile. To help the relief efforts.
5. There has been earthquakes in both countries and they are very tragic events. People are dying in both countries and there has been many relief efforts.
6. The message of the cartoon is to help everyone and not just one country. The message is to not be selective in your charity.

1. Barack Obama is in the cartoon holding two promises.
2. The title of the cartoon was "Obama, promises, promises".
3. The symbols was that Obama was holding two promises and he's going to live up to one of them.
4. Obama is holding two promises and is contemplating which one to keep.
5. The background is that Obama is promising health care while trying to make himself look good.
6. The message is that people dont believe that Obama should care about his appearance in addition to what is more important, the health care.

Cailah & Mauri said...

1. An aid worker, rubble, destroyed buildings.
2. Chile seeks relief. "a box of bandaids and were good to go."
3. His helmet is a symbol that he is a worker in Chile.
4. The man is helping reconstruct Chile.
5. There was an earthquake in Chile where two million people were affected, it was the biggest to hit chile in two years.Many died, got injured, or went missing.
6. The message of this cartoon is that people think all chile needs is money and they will be fine, but they really need people to go over and help them put their city back together.

Jack O. / Sarah D. said...

1. Two people are in this cartoon. one from Haiti and one from Chile.
2. In the cartoon one man is saying to the other man "Welcome to March Sadness". One man has Chile written on his shirt and the other Haiti.
3. Since both men have the names of countries that have been hit with a severe earthquake in the past month it is a pun on march madness, a famous college basketball tournament. Each of them has "brackets" behind them referencing the earthquake and the actual college brackets.
4. The action of what looks like an earthquake happening in the background.
5. The earthquakes that happened in Chile and Haiti and the annual college basketball tournament.
6. The message of this cartoon is joking around with the idea of the earthquakes and the tournament happening around the same time and sadness rhyming with madness.

Andrew Salter, Dallas Molster, and Jacon Pivonka said...

1. The people in the cartoon are a knight (Monty Python), alarmist, and a denialist.

2. The title of the cartoon is "Global Warming Cartoon".

3. The symbol of the cartoon is the knight is a symbol for believers of global warming.

4. The action taking place is the believers of global warming are being cut down because it has been proven a myth.

5. The background information of this cartoon is the alarmist is saying to the denialist that the fact that Global Warming has been proven fake wont stop their belief in it. The reference of Monty Python is that the knight has had all of his limbs taken which is a metaphor for Global Warming.

6. The message of the cartoon is the cartoonist is making a point that Global warming has been proven wrong and he is trying to make a statement.

ACiolek NWitkowski said...

1) Figure Skaters, Hockey players, Ski Jumpers.
2)Global Warming Winter Olympics.
3)The cartoon is saying how global warming melted all the snow up in Canada so all the events would be more like the summer Olympics.
4)Winter athletes are doing summer Olympic activities like water skiing and using roller skates instead of ice skates.
5)Global Warming is the problem for all the snow in the Winter Olympic host country Canada melting.
6)The Message is saying how global warming is real and how if it isn't controlled, the winter Olympic will be lost forever.

Andrew B, Ryan D, and Alex D said...

1. Two scientists and some computers with pictures of earthquakes that have occurred.
3. In the cartoon one of the scientists asked where the next earthquake was going to be and the other scientist said Washington. this is because people are unhappy. They called it voter anger.
4. Earthquakes have been happening all over and the next one is going to be Washington.
5. Background information is the month of February earthquakes happened in Haiti and Chile.
6. People are unhappy the way things are going in Washington and are going to get angry and riot will happen.

Rachael &Shumin said...

1.The Devil,Obama, a civilian.
2. There in Hell and Obama is offering the only way out is to agree with the heath care that he supports
3.The Devil is representing the old heath care plan. The civilian is representing society. Obama is supporting his new heath care plan
4. The cartoon is saying that people would reather stick to the old heath care plan than the new one.
5.Obama is trying to pass a new heath care plan.
6. The cartoon is saying that people would rather stick to the old heath care because they are used to it and they already know the downside to it. Rather than trying to get used to a brand new one.

jack o and sarah d said...

1. The little train that could representing the world food delivery system.
2. the little train is saying to itself i think i can i hope i can ireeeaaallllyy hope i can. because its climbing the projected population growth of the world and/or US.
3. The little train that could representing the world food delivery system and a chart of the projected population of the world or US.
4. the little train attempting to climb the "mountain" of projected population.
5. The worlds food delivery system is thought to not be able to keep up with the projected population the the world.
6. the worlds hungary population will soon increase dramatically and the world food system won't be able to handle it.

Christy&Gabbie said...

1. Michelle Bachelet, the president of Chile is holding a shovel while in the ruble of Chiles aftermath of the recent earthquake.
2. the caption "A box of band aids and we're good to go!" is presented as if Bachelet is saying it
3. The symbolism of Bachelet's saying in the cartoon is that Chile's government niglected its warnings of a disaster as if they took it in a nonchalant manner