Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sophs- 1920s Cultural Conflicts

1. Prohibition- Speakeasies, Bootleggers, Al Capone and the rise of organized crime
2. Racism- Rise of the Ku Klux Klan, Marcus Garvey movement
3. Religion- Fundamentalism, Scopes Trial (evolution)
4. Red Scare- Sacco and Vanzetti, Palmer Raids

- Create a mini powerpoint presentation on your topic. You must research your topic first. The following links may help...
digital history
1920s life
Roaring Twenties
Cultural Conflicts
Scopes Trial

- Length: 4 slides- 2 slides with information in bullet points; 2 slides of pictures, maps, or graphs that relate to the topic
- You will present your slides to the class. Be able to explain and elaborate in your presentation.

- Save your presentation to your e-locker to continue work next class.
- Finished powerpoints will be dropped into my Hobbes folder.

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