Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sophs- Civil War

To further research the Civil War, you will work in a group of 4 students. Each student will have a different task to complete the assignment. Use chapter 11 of your text as your first source for information, then explore various credible (.edu,org) websites (not wikipedia). Here are the different tasks...

1. Reporter: You will act as a news reporter and write a news story about the impact of industry and technology during the Civil War. Especially focus on the industry boom in the North, the impact of the railroad, and the telegraph. Length- 1 page double spaced Times New Roman. Include a catchy newspaper headline. You may also include a small picture that relates to the topic.

2. Historian: You will make a timeline of 10 events or battles that occurred during the Civil War. Include brief descriptions (a few sentences) about each event. Include the specific dates. Use color. This should be neat and organized.
Include the following
- The Emancipation Proclamation
- Battle of Antietam
- First Battle of Bull Run
- Battle of Gettysburg
- Passage of 13th amendment
- Confederacy surrenders
- Battle of Vicksburg
- 54th Massachusetts regiment attack on Fort Wagner
- The Gettysburg Address
- Lincoln's assassination

3. Illustrator: You will draw a map of the states. Provide a color-coded key to label the Union and Confederacy states, key battles, and major cities. Label at least 5 key battle sites on the map. Label key cities on the map. Also include a picture of the Union and Confederate flags. This will be 3 separate pages.

4. Biographer: You will explain the contributions of important people from the time period. Explain their importance during the Civil War era. Create a 10 slide powerpoint with bullet points. (2 slides each person) Include a small picture of each person on the first slide. Focus primarily on their impact during the Civil War time period. Over all, you should have at least 10 bullet points about each person.
- General Robert E. Lee
- General Ulysses S. Grant
- Colonel Robert Shaw
- President Abraham Lincoln
- General George McClellan

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