Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seniors- Ch. 6 Infant/Toddler Safety

646- Child Psychology

Infant/Toddler Safety Ages 0-3 years


Car(seat) safety

House safety (baby-proofing)

Toy safety

Babysitting safety

Mall/public safety (Amber alert)

Pet safety

Playground equipment safety

SIDS research



- Identify safety techniques/precautions for your chosen topic.

- Create a 10 slide powerpoint presentation (including title and article slide) to share with the class.

- Your slides must contain bullet point information, which is then expanded on through your explanations.

- Knowledge about your topic and eye contact is a must

- Find a newspaper article about your safety topic.

o Type in key words to google search, then click news

o Search newspaper archives

- Summarize the article on your 10th slide. Be sure to include the link to the article so I can view it.

- Drop all finished powerpoints in my Hobbes folder

o Save to desktop

o Open Hobbes

o Go to drop folders

o Double click social studies

o Drag and drop your ppt to my name

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