Friday, February 25, 2011

Sophs- Political Cartoons

Political cartoons have influenced public opinion since the mid 1800s. They contain symbolism, caricatures, and imagery to express a political viewpoint. In class this week, we learned about one of the most famous cartoonists, Thomas Nast, whose cartoons exposed the corruption of Boss William Tweed. Nast's cartoons were especially significant because immigrants and poor illiterates were able to understand the meaning of the cartoon.

Now, let's look at several current political cartoons from the week of February 21st, 2011. Like Thomas Nast's progressive cartoons, all of the cartoons below have a purpose. Every symbol is purposefully included and every word and character has a meaning.

You must CHOOSE ONE of the following cartoons to analyze. Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1. Identify the objects or people you see in the cartoon. 1-2 SENTENCES.

2. Identify the cartoon caption and/or title. 1 SENTENCE

3. Identify any symbols and their meaning. 2-3 SENTENCES.

4. Describe the action taking place. 3+ SENTENCES.

5. What is the background information of this cartoon? You must do some research in the news to answer this question. This should be at least 7-8 SENTENCES.

6. Explain the message of the cartoon. 3 SENTENCES.


Mark Lizza said...

1) There is a man pumping gas. Seeing the price has gone up, he assumes it is because of the turmoil going on over in Libya.
2) He says violence is going up in Libya, so gas may go up as well since there is oil over there that we get imported to our country.
3) Since turmoil is occuring over in Libya, its ironic he is pumping gas, because that is where we obtain our oil from. Hence fighting over in Libya is causing gas prices to rise.
4) He is pumping gas into his car. Gas prices rise when there is turmoil. Therefore the man is councluding the rising cost is a result of fighting in Libya.
5) Since 1969, Muammar al-Gadaffi has been the leader of Libya. People have been fed up, and decided to revolt, and force him out of Africa. The first revolt had happened in Egypt, whos leader is Mubarak. Once one revolt happens, it's a domino effect. Gas and oil prices are rising because of this because our country obtains imports from Libya (very small amount, however.) Revolter's would like to see Gadaffi leave the country, like Mubarak has, but he refuses. If they are forced out, people will like to see a democracy government, rather than a dictatorship.
6) The message of the cartoon is what most peoples reactions are in the United States right now. Since turmoil is going on, it affects everyone around the world. Once it is over, the prices will most likely decline.

Anuvrat Sheoran said...

Cartoon Number 1

Ans 1. The Cartoon is about the steps taken for a recovery after economic recession which happened in the United States . The cartoon is how common people reacted to the economic recession .

Ans 2. The title of the cartoon is Recovery after Recession .

Ans 3. In the cartoon people need Immediate help at shops to recover from the recession .

Ans 4. Unemployment benefits are shown like people will get double pay if they apply for job .

Ans 5. The U.S. recession that began in December 2007 ended in June 2009 . It was for a time period of 18 months However, with unemployment still hovering around 10 percent this looks like far from a recovery. The other criterions around spending power of consumers and bank activities on lending are still not back to normal cycles, therefore it is going to take some more time to declare a normal recovery. US economy is going through a tough time and some of the expert feel there is a possibility of another double dip in economy. Only growth in a private sector business outlook is giving some hope that we can recover this cycle of economic downturn.

Ans 6. The message given in this cartoon is details about recession which is a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy , lasting more than a few months, normally visible in production, employment, real income and other indicators. The cartoon highlights on one of the important criterion of recovery from recession which is increased employment opportunities.

Gabrielle B. said...

Gabrielle Bourne

I chose cartoon #3.
1. This cartoon shows the people in Libya trying to push The Statue of Liberty on top of their ruler Khadafy.

2. This cartoon's title is Khadafy Pinned by Mike Keefe.

3. The Statue of Liberty means to be free and everyone had a right to have their own opinion.

4. In this cartoon the people of Libya are revolting against their leader Khadafy. It show people raising The Statue of Liberty on top of him to show that they what liberty and to be free like people in the America.

5. In Libya a lot of people are revolting for many reasons. One of them is the high price of oil/gasoline. Another is a lot people are very sick and have no food. One other thing is women hardly have any rights. Khadafy had so much power in Libya that the people there are even scared to mention his name. Khadafy just doesn’t care about anything or anyone all he cares about is how much power he has. The people in Libya see how other countries are revolting like Egypt and they free that they should do the same

6. The people in Libya are trying to make Khadafy step down. So in this cartoon they are raising The Statue of Liberty on top of him. They are saying they are fighting for liberty like Egypt.

daniel downes said...

in the cartoon i choose there are two people a man and a woman driving by a building with help wanted and now hiring signs all over the building. the woman says "another sign of recovery" and the man says in reply "thats the unemployment benifits office." this shows that the unemployment rate is only getting worse because they need more help at the unemployment office. although this is a cartoon there is alot of meaning behind it. the unemployment rate is now worse than its been in ovr twenty years.In December 20 states had over-the-month unemployment rate increases, 15 states and the District of Columbia had decreases, and 15 states had no change.even though the unemployment rate is worse than ever, it has been improving in the past month. of course the lower the unemployment rate the better. when obama first became president the unemployment rate in the US was 5 percent and now it is 10 percent. i think this political cartoon is trying to point out that america is in bad shape. when the unemployment office is now hiring because they have so much to do, that is a bad thing. i think the cartoonist is trying to point out that we need to do something about this increasing problem.

d. giamboy said...

1. The objects in the cartoon are a man filling up his gas tank. He looks really suprised at the gas meter.

2. There is no title but it is talking about the prices in Lybia.

3. The symbols in this cartoon are the gas meter and the guy making a face at the meter. It shows that the number is outrangous.

4. There is a man filling up his gas meter. He is looking at the gas meter and according to his face the price is high. He even mentions that the "viloence in Lybia must have gone up.

5. The background of this information goes overseas to Lybia. Since Lybia is were the USA buys there gas, all the violence is causing the prices to go up. Since the USA got involved and helprd Lybia take down there leader of 42 years, gas has gone up. The leader says "that his people love him and feels betrayed by the USA".

6. Because of all the violence going on in Lybia, the oil per gallon has gone up. Making the gas prices in the USA go up.

AlexaAikens said...

1.I am doing to cartoon about violence in libya going up. In the cartoon I see a gas pump that you would see at a gas station.I also see a man pumping gas into his car red car looking a little shocked.
2.The man in the cartoon is saying "Looks like violence has gone uP a bit in Libya".
3.The mans face in the picture is representing the increase in the prices of gas. The car is representing our cars that we all drive and we all own. The Gas pump stand is representing the gas stations that people use everyday.
4.In this cartoon a man is going to get gas as we all do everyday. As he is pumping the gas into his car he is shocked at how high the prices have gone up for gas.When he says about violence going up in Libya he is saying that as violence increases there, gas prices rise here.
5.As the man in the cartoon is saying, libya is causing this rise in gas prices. Libya is rising there prices of crude oil in the U.S to $100 per barrel,which means the U.S has to raise their prices of Gas.Libya produces 2% of the worlds output of crude oil. This violence in libya could disrupt other prodcuers.Obviously the rise in crude oil prices mean a rise in gas prices. Gas prices are at there highest at $3.20 per gallon.
6.The whole message of this cartoon is that gasoline in the U.S is in so much need for everyday Americans and these prices of gasoline that are going up are affecting us all. We are all in shock and hoping things will get better soon.Libya is causing all of this raise in price for our gas and the more violence in that region the higher the prices.

Eddie Mendez said...

1. The person in the picture is a man and he looks confusesd. The objects are a gas pump anf a red car.

2. The caption says, "Looks like violence has gone up a bit in Libya".

3. The guy symbolizes that we Americans have to pay for what is going on in other countries. The guy is a symbol for all of America.

4. THe action taking place is that a guy is at a gas station. He is pumping his gas and he is looking at the price in shock. He is looks like that because of the violence in Libya , gas prices are rising everywhere else.

5. The people of Libya want their leadeer Gadaffi out of power. Unlike other leaders Gadaffi has been more resilent than others and is refusing to step down. He is using brute force of the army. The people feel like they are being mistreated and they are protesting against their leader. They want him out. Libya is a huge supplier of worlds oil. Due to these conflicts oil prices around the world are beingraised, and many people are unhappy.

6. The message of the cartton is that Libya should restore their conflict. Its effecting the rest of the world. This cartoon is trying to show us what is realing going on and how it is effecting us.

Anthony Jezyk said...

Number Three:

1. The people in the picture are Libya citizens and the leader of Libya, Khadafy. Also, there is the statue of Liberty in the middle of the picture.

2. The captions are Libya and Khadafy.

3. The Statue of Liberty symbolizes that America is there to help Libyan citizens. The man on the right is the leader of Libya, Khadafy, who is trapped under the Statue because the Libyan citizens are pushing it on him. This is showing that Libyan citizens don't want Khadafy in charge any more.

4. The Libyan citizens are trying to trap Khadafy under the statue of liberty. Khadafy is trying to get out of the way but his suit is stuck under the statue.The Libyan people are trying to get rid of Khadafy.

5. In Libya, the leader, Qaddafi, is causing violence in the nation. Their criminal justice is causing havoc by disrupting assembles by gun fires. Qaddafi doesn't care for the nation. He just wants to gain control in Africa. The people of Libya are fed-up with what he is doing so they started protesting against him. The forces of Libya try to stop these protests by gun fire and corruption. Libya is one of the main resources for oil and gas so what is happening in Libya will effect the gas prices in America.

6. The message of the cartoon is that Libya is trying to get rid of Qaddafi. Libya leads to stop the violence and have a new leader. Also, that America needs to get involved so they will be free.

Gianna V. (blue) said...

1.Identify the objects or people you see in the cartoon.

--The people illistrated are a couple driving through town. They pass a very busy building with a bunch of help wanted signs in the window. The building is titled The Department of Workforce Solutions.

2. Identify the cartoon caption and/or title.

--"Look! another sign of recovery!"
"That's the Unemployment Benifits Office!"

3. Identify any symbols and their meaning.

---The help wanted signs mean that they are so busy that they are in need of more employees. The Department of Workforce Solutions means that it is an office that helps the unemployed.

4. Describe the action taking place.

---A couple is driving through town and pas a building with a bunch of help wanted signs. The wife thinks that it is a sign of the economy getting and job oppertunities are becoming available. Then the husband points out that they need help in the unemployment office because the economy is still so bad they need more workers to help people get unemployment benifits.

5. What is the background information of this cartoon? You must do some research in the news to answer this question.

---The unemployment rate in America right now is 9.0%. This is one of the highest unemployment rates in a very long time. There are so many people out of work, loosing their medical benifits, and trying to find a way to survive. House forclosers are at an all time high. Many people without jobs are now forced to collect unemployment benefits to survive.Because the small buisness man cannot get loans from the bank to keep their buisnesses going, people are getting laid off everyday. Basically, the economy is in real hardship at this time.

6. Explain the message of the cartoon.

---In this cartoon, the wife sees help wanted signs but does not realize they are for the unemployment office. Therefor, she thinks the economy is starting to recover and that there are new jobs oppertunities occuring. The husband then tells her that the jobs are at the unemployment office, meaning that so many people are out of work that they need more employees to help the unemployed

Jenna Wolff said...

Jenna Wolff
Political cartoon

1) The objects in the cartoon are the gas pump and the car. The person that is in the cartoon is a man pumping gas.

2) The caption is, “Looks like violence has gone up a bit in Libya.”

3) US is too dependent on oil from the Middle East. We need to reduce this dependency and accelerate alternate energy sources like solar.

4) The man pumping gas says, “Looks like some turmoil in Libya has occurred.” He is saying this as he is looking at the gas pump. He says to himself, the higher prices of gas he is paying for his car is due to the violence in Libya.

5) Current dictatorships in the Middle East are being challenged by the general population. For example, Egypt started first with the fall of Mubarak. Now Libya’s dictatorship is being challenged. Muammar Gaddafi, dictator of Libya, is saying that he will remain in power and the country’s leadership will not change. He plans on fighting to the very end to protect his power. US is too dependent on oil from the Middle East. The US’s demand for oil from the Middle East is high and if the supply is in jeopardy, the prices will continue to rise.

6) Prices of gas are on the rise today in the US. The cartoon character is comparing gasoline prices to the increase of violence in Libya. The US needs to reduce their dependence on the Middle East for oil.

KevinJohnston said...

1) In this political cartoon there is your average Joe at the gas station pumping gas, but as the man starts to pump his gas he notices how expensive it is and he says, “Looks like violence has gone up a bit in Libya.”
2) The cartoons caption is, “Looks like violence has gone up a bit in Libya.”
3) In this cartoon there is a man pumping gas who represents the average person getting gas. In this cartoon there is also a gas pump that seems to have a high price on it for gas. The high price represents the violence in Libya; since America is over in Libya fighting with them, they decided to raise the price of gas.
4) The action that is taking place is that a man is pumping his gas. The man notices that the gas is very expensive so he says, “Looks like violence has gone up a bit in Libya.”
5) The gas prices in the U.S. are rising dramatically. The reason why it is so expensive is because Libya leaders are raising their prices because their own people are protesting against them. Trouble in Libya is trouble for us. Libya is the largest oil distributer in Africa and even though only 5% of their oil goes to the U.S. they still sell us a lot of oil. In Europe a barrel of gas is 108 dollars; in the U.S. a barrel is 98 dollars. Sources say that the prices of gas are going to continue to rise if the situation in Libya doesn’t resolve itself soon.
6) The message of the cartoon is that America relies majorly on other countries. If Libya wants to charge us more for gas then we pay the price for it because we need gas. When other countries like Libya hurt, so do we. If the violence in Libya continues then our prices in the U.S. will continue to rise.

emily orzada said...

1. In this cartoon there are the citizens of Libya and they are pushing up the Statue of Liberty and under it is the leader of Libya Khadafy.

2. There is a banner that says Khadafy and a sign that says Libya.

3. the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom. Libya is a country fighting for it's freedom. And Khadafy is the leader of Libya.

4. The action that is taking place is, the people of libya are pushing up the statue of liberty. the person under the statue is their leader. he is trying to get away before he is taken over.

5. some background information on this is the people of Libya are trying to break free from their leader and gain freedom. and the statue of liberty is a symbol of freedom. the man under the statue is Khadafy who is the leader of Libya. the reason why the people are able to over throw the governemnt is because Libya lacks a steady military. because of this the government is unable to control protests and not have their government collapse. also, it shows Khadafy trying to run away, he has tried to flee the counrty.

6. the message of this cartoon is, the people are pushing over the statue of liberty onto their leader. this shows that they are trying to break away from their government and that they want freedom. and also it shows that the leader is trying to run away from the country.

Laure Talley said...

1. In the cartoon that i chose there's two people in a car and they are looking at a store. The store has signs all over it. The two people are saying things about unemployment.
2. There is no title on my cartoon. But the caption is about how there's so many people without jobs.
3. One symbol is the people in the car and one says "Look! Another sign of recovery" and the other says "That's the unemploment benefits office". THis symbol means that even the benefits is looking for jobs. The window has a bunch of signs on it. These signs represent that there really is no jobs out there.
4. The people are in a car. The action is them seeing the unemployment benefits office with all the signs all over it. They are talking about it.
5. (i couldnt find ANY backround information about this cartoon, i've checked the news and google web and i can't find anything. and i'm not just saying that because you think im being lazy, because im not, i really need this grade! i honestly can't find anything!)
6. I think the message of the cartoon is that way to many people in the U.S are without jobs. Also how many people are honeless because of this ression. This cartoon is suppose to make americans think about our president and our finanical state that we're in right now.

Jackie C said...

cartoon number 2.
1. In this political cartoon there is a man pumping gas into his car. The man seems to have a some what confused look on his face.
2. The caption is "looks like violence has gone up a bit in Libya".
3. I believe one symbol would be the man looking at the gas pump confused and his quote. This symbol means that with the violence in Libya the gas prices may have changed dramatically.
4. The action taking place would the man pumping gas into his car.His face appears to a bit upset with someting on the gas pump. His quote reveals his thoughts.
5. This cartoon is based on an uprising in Lybia. Lybian violence is starting up again. this violence is causing major problems for the United states especially with gas prices. Lybia has cut 400,000 barrels of oil produced a day. This means less oil for our country. The low oil availibility gas companies are forced to increase their gas prices, which has people worried. As the violene continues it is expected that the oil prices may even get higher. The violence is due to political problems.
6. The message of this cartoon is we have issues in Libya that need to be resolved or the United sates and some other countries may be affected, for example oil prices rising higher and higher.

Alex Tan said...

1. I see a man filling his car with gas.

2. The caption talks about the fighting in Liyba and how it has drawn a lot of attention.

3. One symbol is the gas because gas prices have been a big theng. Another big thing is that Liyba is trying to overthrow their ruler.

4. The action taking place is that the situation in Liyba is getting so big that its drawning a lot of attention. Leaders think that they might get overthrown too after all of this. Also americans have gotten so use to gas prices that we don't even think about them anymore.

5. The background info is the Liyban people want a new leader. So they are protesting and standing in the streets. sort of like a riot except not to violent, yes they were screaming but they want to prove a point. But the leader in Liyba is using Military force to move the people and maybe scare them. A reporter said that 2 fighter jets from Liyba came to her country. They came because they refuse to bomb citizens.

6. The message is that people follow what other people do and we get use to things. Liyba saw Egypt overthrow their leader, so they want the same. And also, we ahve been paying os much for gas, we have gotten use to the prices changing so much.

Paul T said...

Cartoon option 1:
1. In the cartoon there is an office saying that they are hiring and in need of hiring people. The signs attract people driving by who don't have a job and are in search of one.

2. The caption of the cartoon shows that the United States is recovering from the poor economy and our economy is growing day by day.

3. The cartoon shows that the economy is growing and companies are in need of workers. This is good for anyone who lost a job and is in search of a new one from what the cartoon is showing about "help wanted" and "now hiring" signs.

4. The action taking place in the cartoon is a store that has signs showing for help wanted and in search of people to hire. A few pedestrians drive by and notice the signs and are shocked that they saw it because the economy has been so bad recently. After seeing the signs they realized that the economy is getting back on track and more opportunities for people to apply for jobs.

5. The background information of the cartoon is showing how the economy is improving. To show how it is improving is that companies are now starting to hire and start giving opportunities to people. Also, by seeing this cartoon it gives people hope and interest in finding a job. For example, the people in Wisconsin their Governor says that they are going to have a budget which means people are going to need more money to pay for bills. By this happening they will go out looking for new jobs. Also, by people getting new jobs will make them spend more and then more jobs will open up as a result of that. In the end the economy will keep making progress and will eventually go back to normal.

6. The message of the cartoon shows that people will be interested in what the signs offer that jobs are opening. People will want to apply for those jobs to start making money and then spend more. By people spending more then there will be more jobs that open up for other people.

Zhalen G. said...

1. In this cartoon i see a married couple driving down the street and noticing the benefits office.

2. The captions mean that the economy is recovering from the recession.

3. The birds singing in the background is significant because it represents the economy deficit decreasing. Also another symbol is the people themselves. This represents the responses of common people.

4. The action taking place is the man and woman noticing the "Help Wanted" and "Now Hiring" posters. They acknowledge the fact that more jobs are appearing. The male in the cartoon is noticing the irony that there were job openings at the unemployment office.

5. the background information about this political cartoon is that this picture is bringing to the peoples eyes that there is an increase in jobs. The more job openings the more money back into the economy and the faster the we will be out of the recession. The unemployment rate in Delaware went up 8.2% since December 2010. The Government is making bills to bring jobs to the US to benefit the people.

6. The message of the cartoon is that jobs are coming to america and the people are noticing. Not only is this good for the economy it brings hope to Americans.

Logan Worsh said...

1. In the picture there are two people diving by an employment office with help wanted signs up. There are two people in the car and one is talking about the sign of recovery and the other pointed out the irony.
2. I chose the Department of workforce solutions picture.
3. The meaning is that America is laying off a lot of workers because of the economy and they are pointing out the irony in the situation.
4. The action taking place is that the two people are driving past the office.
5. This cartoon was created by John Trever a famous cartoonist in the political area. He drew this to show how America is acting over the jobless.
6. The cartoon describes the lack of care the U.S. has for the jobless. Even the companies that help find jobs are in need of work.

John McKeever said...

John McKeever

I chose the third political cartoon. It pictures the Libyan people struggling under the weight of the Statue of Liberty. The dictator Khadafi is trapped by his shirt tail as he sweats out the outcome of this rebellion. The Libyan people are dressed in white as the pureness of their cause to bring democracy to Libya which will be no easy task. The Libyan people refuse to shy away from the challenge presented to them. They are determind to drive Khadafi out of control one way or another. Khadafi is bound and determind to fight to the death rather then leave his dictatorship. The cartoon speaks to the strength of Libyan people's resolve to change their future. The Libyan people were inspired in part by the Egyptian revolution over the last few weeks. The Egyptian efforts to oust the dynasty led the Libyan people to take notice of their similar plight and begin the process of removing Khadafi from his dictatorship which has inslaved the people of Libya for almost thirty years. The baby boomers in Libya are educated in their rights and are refusing to accept poverty and lack of enployment under Khadafi's reign of terror. No matter how violent his response has or will be against his people, the Libyans will be free or die trying!

John S. said...

1. The cartoon I am summarizing is "looks like violence has gone up a bit in Libya."

2. In the cartoon, we see a man holding a gas pump and standing in front of his car/van. He has a puzzled look on his face, perhaps due to the rising gas prices.

3. The gas pump is a symbol of oil in the Middle East. The man symbolizes the average American folk, who go to gas at the local station almost weekly to keep fuel in check.

4. In the cartoon, we see a man pumping gas into his car. The man has a confused/puzzled look on his face. We can imply that this is because the oil prices have gone up drastically in the last few months, and so this symbolizes his confusion. He assumes that the rising gas prices have to do with the revolutions occurring in the Middle East and parts of Africa, as both parts of the world are major American suppliers of oil.

5. The background information has to do with the revolutions occurring overseas. In the Middle East, people have grown tired of dictatorships. Last month, protesters began hitting the streets in Egypt and other countries to attempt to overthrow the ruling powers and create a democracy. President Mubarak of Egypt resigned after insisting he would not; military power has been under control in Egypt ever since and Mubarak has not been seen in public, either. Currently, Libya is going through a similar revolution, in which more than 1000 people have already died. That revolution continues right to this minute, and their leader, Muammar Gaddafi says he will use violence against the people.

6. The message of the cartoon is that we need our foreign allies in the Middle East overseas in America, for oil and for other purposes. When they start falling and start to decline and stop producing, the oil production decreases. This is the general message behind the cartoon.

anastasia mcgovern said...

1. Objects in the cartoon are a building with wanted signs trying to draw people into their store and the store is the Dept. of Workforce Solutions. Also, there is a man and a woman, who look to be middle class citizens, looking and discussing the signs on this particular building.

2. The cartoon caption is Dept. of Workforce Solutions.

3. One symbol is the building showing alot of people don't have jobs and they need money. Another symbol is that man and woman looking for jobs and money like all the other Americans.

4. The action taking place is a couple driving around their community looking for jobs or some kind of improvement in the economy.

6. I think the meaning is that the lady is saying how the unemployment rate is getting higher because of the wanted signs and stuff but its really a benefits office where people donate money to the poor. and its supposed to represent that no one has money for themselves because there are no jobs so there will definatly not be people going out to give away money

Niki Lemper said...

1. The objects in the cartoon are the gas pump, a car, and the man filling up the gas tank.

2. The caption is "looks like the violence is going up in Libya".

3. A symbol is the gas pump. The gas in the pump comes from Libya and because of the violence that is going on in northern Africa it is causing the gas prices to rise.

4. The action being done in the cartoon is a man pumping gas into his car. He is complaining about the price because of the violence in Libya.

5. The background to this cartoon is that the dictator in Libya is sabotaging the oil companies in the country. Many oil companies have shut down due to political tension. And the security are being violent towards the protracted all around the country. And because of the tension in Libya the price of oil is rising. The stock market is also being hit hard because the stocks in the Libya market are falling. Oil price are at its highest in two years.

6. The message of the cartoon is that because of the violence in Libya the price of gas is rising. People are getting frustrated, but used to, the fact that the price continuously rises.

E.Nowell said...

In the cartoon i picked, a man is flilling uo his gas tank. The cartoons caption is "Looks like violence has gone up a bit in Libya". The symbols in this cartoon would be the gas pump becasue the gas prices keep rising. Another symbol would be libya because if all the fightin that is going on and the fear that gas prices will contiue to rise. The action taking place is a man pumping gas. His statement refers to the rising gas prices due to the fighting in Libya. The gas prices keeep rising each day. Libya has cut production of 400,000 barrels of oil a day, contributing to the rise in price. There is an uproar in Libya going on right now. The people of Libya are angry at their ruler. They do not agree with the actions that are taking place. Many people have been killed by their own military. More and more people are gettin killed each day. The gas prices are rising becasue Libya's ruler wants to become more powerful and recieve more money. The people dont not agree with how the government is handling the situation. This problem needs to be resolved soon before it gets any worse.

Randy Husbands said...

Khadafy Pinned
Some of the important people that I analyzed in the political cartoon were Khadafy, and the people of Libya. An object that is seen in this political cartoon is the Statue of Liberty. The title of this political cartoon is called Khadafy Pinned. One of the symbols that is being shown in this political cartoon is Khadafy getting his shirt stuck on the Statue of Liberty as the people of Libya are tring to slam it down on him. This is also the main action that is going on in this political cartoon. The meaning of this symbol and is to show that the Libyan people want to get rid of their leader who is Khadafy. You can see also in the cartoon, that the people of Libya on the left all have angry or sad expressions which is a symbol for payback. Khadafy is using bad language in the cartoon which is another important symbol. This shows that Khadafy has no respect for his country and doesnt care what the people of Libya think. Khadafy has been using cruelty against the people of Libya which has turned against him, and will proably make him pay with a revolt. Khadafy mainly is a harsh and mean man, because he didn't treat his people fairly and he did some bad things. One of the main things Khadafy did was supported terrorists(IRA). He did help Libya with some things, such as: using his money from oil to help create schools, cheap food, better health systems, and create a lower cost of living. He decided to let go his WMD production and entered into trading with the UK and the US. In the past couple of years, much of Libya's people have become enclosed into his influence, but Khadafy has not really changed overall. He has been very violent by using soldiers(mercenaries)
to destroy anything that gets in his way. People have said that Khadafy has been using bombs on unarmed civilians. This just shows that the people of Libya are standing up for what they know what is right, and can help
there country change for the better.

Rachel W. said...

1. There is a random, most likely middle class man getting gas in the cartoon.
2. The caption is "Looks like violence has gone up a bit in Libya"
3. Gas prices have gone up because of all the violence in Libya. They are the ones that give the U.S. oil. They threatened to cut off selling oil to America.
4. The man in the cartoon is getting gas. He is surprised by how much the price per gallon it is. He suspects that it is because of all the violence in Libya.
5. This cartoon refers to what is happening in Libya. Gas prices rose averaging 8 cents over the weekend. Also $97.35 a barrel. On March 1st prices raised .9 percent. In London prices are much worse. Gas is $111.84 a barrel. The average gas price rose 30 cents.
6. The message is to show how terrible it is for people who cannot afford gas. It is showing that the violence in Libya is causing gas prices to go up. The man is also shocked in the cartoon because the prices rose very rapidly.

Ashley McKenzie said...

Ashley McKenzie

1. Identify the objects or people you see in the cartoon. 1-2 SENTENCES.
The objects or people seen in the political cartoon are, a car, help wanted signs, "Dept. of workforce solutions" on door, an old man and woman talking about to signs in the windows. They are trying to figure out what the signs are for.

2. Identify the cartoon caption and/or title. 1 SENTENCE
"Trever" is the cartoon caption/title.

3. Identify any symbols and their meaning. 2-3 SENTENCES.
Some specific symbols are, there is a bird chirping in the backround, meaning things can be positive even though the economy is not doing well. People are hiring when the economy is bad as shown in the help wanted signs so it shows some sort of positive step towards trying to make the economy better when its bad.

4. Describe the action taking place. 3+ SENTENCES.
The action taking place is a car is driving by a store and a woman is saying that theres another sign of recovery and her husband is saying no its actually the unemployment benefits office asking for help wanted. Which is showing that everyone is losing their jobs and its even hard for the unemployment office to get people to work for them.

5. What is the background information of this cartoon? You must do some research in the news to answer this question. This should be at least 7-8 SENTENCES.
Employment was slacking in construction, transportation and warehousing causing the unemployment to decrease. Although the labor force was unchanged in January of this year, the number of unemployed people did decrease, but only by 600,000. The unemployment rates for the current time has decreased by 0.4 making the rate 9.0 for January 2011. This has happened for the second month in a row.

6. Explain the message of the cartoon. 3 SENTENCES.
The message is showing that even the unemployment office is having a hard time getting people to work for them so that means the economy still isnt getting much better, but they're working on changing it slowly.

joey giannaras said...

1.In this political cartoon I see two people in a car looking at a building with a lot of help wanted signs on the windows.

2.This cartoon is saying that there are not enough jobs in America right now.

3.One of the symbols of this poem is the building. The building is the Dept. of workforce solutions and it is saying it needs help finding people jobs because there aren’t enough.

4.The action that is taking place is that they are asking for help. By asking for help they need more jobs to become available. With this action they are trying to make less people jobless and be able to pay for the necessities.

5.This Cartoon is about the decreasing amount of jobs for upcoming adults and others. The amount of jobs that are available now is a lot less then it was a couple years ago. This is because of the economy right now. The economy used to be very bad and now it is getting better but there are still not many jobs available. People are dropping out of school to find jobs and help their parents pay bills but it is very hard for them to find jobs. Now that the gas prices are up there is an even higher demand on jobs. Now when college gets out for summer and people are looking for summer jobs many people will not be able to find a job.

6.The message of the cartoon is that there are not many jobs available. This is only going to get worse as summer arrives and more people are looking for jobs. This is a big problem right now and people are going to have problems paying for necessities.

Reid W. said...

1. In cartoon number 2 their is a man and their is a gas pump.
2. The man is saying violence must be going up in Libya
3. A symbol would be the gas pump. It symbolizes the gas and the gas is coming from libya
4. A man is at a gas station pumping gas into his car. He is making a surprised face at the pump stating how violence must be going up in libya.
5.Their was a conflict in Libya concerning who would take power. Many Libyans wanted Gadhafi to leave. Gadhafi believed all Libyan people were behind him. Most turned against him. They believed he we would tell his soldiers to attack rioting citizens. DUe to the violence gas is at a stand still.Causing prices to go up.

Drew Adami said...

In the cartoon there is a middle aged man who is pumping gas into his automobile. While he is pumping the gas he has a caption that says “Looks like violence has gone up a bit in Libya.” Right now in Libya there is a dictator named Muammar el-Qaddifi. Muammar took control in 1969. On February 16 protesters armed with gasoline bombs and rocks gathered in Benghazi to demand the release of a human rights advocate in Tripoli. The amount of people that have died in Libya as a result of political is 2,000 and it is still rising as Qaddifi refuses to step down. Where Libya is located it affects America’s supply of oil. I feel that the cartoon is saying that Americans only care about Libya or any situation if it affects them personally. I think that if the price of gas wasn’t so high people wouldn’t really recognize Libya. Also in the cartoon it looks like the man’s car could be a truck and that could symbolize how Americans have huge trucks with really low gas mileage.

Courtney Manley said...

I did the first political cartoon. The cartoon describes the old couple in the car looking at a store that has "hiring" signs all over the window. The couple is showing they are hiring because of the economy. It is also showing signs that say "we're doubling", this shows that businesses are getting desperate for workers.. In the cartoon, the woman says "Look! A sign of recovery", probably from the time during the Great Depression where no one had jobs and jobs were opening up. Benefits from unemployment was being established. This was a recovery time.

andrew maiura said...

(The picture of the man filling his car)

1)The cartoon doesn't have a caption or title shown.
2)The symbols in the cartoon are the customer getting gas and the fact that he mentions the violence in Libya. This means that the violence must be getting worse if the gas prices are rising.
3)The man talking and filling his car with gas are the actions taking place. The other actions showing are the fact that the man gains a shocked look on his face as he sees the price on the meter. The reader can't see the price but with violence in the middle east, they can easily understand.
4)The backround of the cartoon is explained by the violence in Libya today. With one of our gas providers on the brink of revolution, prices rise. Because of the increases of violence, consumers immedeately can see the effect in the money they spend on gas. If the violence in Libya continues, so will the rise in gas costs.
5)The message of the cartoon is to help people understand the effect of foreign events on the prices of goods in the U.S. This cartoon can also show gas companies the effect gas prices have on everyday American life. The last thing the cartoon points out is how the prices will continue to rise with the violence in countries in Libya.

Kalla said...

1. The people in the cartoon are just ordinary people driving by looking at the Unemployment Benefits Office. There is a car and the office and help wanted signs in the window.
2. The caption of the cartoon is "Help wanted!"
3. One symbol is the 'help wanted' signs in the window. The meaning of this is that everyone needs jobs so they are saying that they will give you a job right away.
4. The action taking place is a couple driving by the office in their car. While they are driving by they are reading the signs and they are saying that it is a sign of recovery. The woman think that it is a sign of recovery from everyone losing their jobs, because of the economy. Then the man tells her that it is the Unemployment Benefits office, which means that even people that are helping people that have lost their jobs are losing their jobs.
5. The background in this cartoon is that the economy is very bad right now, and has been for a while. People think that there is no hope for the economy to start doing any better. Even people who had a job helping people who lost their jobs they lost their own jobs. Now there isn't as many people that can help the people who have lost their jobs. This cartoon is saying that everyone has lost their jobs and that the economy isn't showing any signs of recovery. People think that the economy needs to start being recovered or else everything in our world is just going to suck.
6. The message of the cartoon is saying that our economy is not good right now at all. It is saying that everyone is losing their jobs and something needs to be done about it. Even if something needs to be done about it, no one is doing anything about it.

Brock L. said...

1. The objects and people i see in the cartoon are the statue of liberty, Khadafy, and Libya protestors.


3. The symbols and meaning of this is showing how crisis in Libya is tearing America apart. Also it is showing that America is trying to get Kadafy out of office.

4. The action taking place in the cartoon is Kadafy and Libyian protestors fighting over America. Also Kadafy is trapped under neath the statue of liberty and Libya is trying to crush him. This also shows how Kadafy knocked Americas economy out with rising gas prices.

5. Kadafy the leader of Libya is causing violent protest in Libya. The Libyan protestor's want him out andc he refuses not to. He also said all the people protesting are young and do not understand anything. Well America and other countries want him out cause hes causing violence and hurting the economy in many countries. President Obama and along with many Americans also want Kadafy to leave office because he caused gas prices to rise. Also the price of oil increased causing gas prices to rise. Kadafy said he will never leave office until he dies.

6. The message of the cartoon is saying that Libya's protestors want Kadafy out along with America. It is also saying that America's economy has been hurt from him cause he increased prices in oil causing gas prices to rise. Lastly the cartoon is saying violence is occuring in Libya because they want Kadafy's rule to end.

evan barrow said...

I am doing the first political cartoon. the people and objects in the scene are a man and a woman in a car and a building with hiring signs on it. There isnt a caption or title on this cartoon. The symbols in this cartoon are the bulding with the signs, the expressions on the man and woman's faces, and also, the singing bird in the backround. All of these symbols show negativity and sarcasm toward the lack of jobs in America. The action taking place is the man and the woman talking. They are driving in their car and see the unemployment benefits office and the signs on it and begin to discuss it. The woman is optomistic and says "look another sign of recovery!" but the man reminds here that we are not recovering by saying "thats the unemployment benefits office!" This political cartoon was created by John Trever. He has been doing political cartoons for the Abq Journal now for 30 years. When this cartoon was released in January of 2011 unemployment was obviously a large issue as it is today. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the unemployment are was 4.7% of people. This percent is a lot higher than what it should be. Because of this, John Trever uses sarcasm to represent anger and dissapointment at the lack of jobs. The unemployment office is used in the cartoon as a joke that puts a comedic value to the cartoon. The message of this cartoon is that unemployment is high in the U.S. When the reader sees this it brings up the issue that there is a lack of jobs. This cartoon gets everyone thinking that America is not perfect and needs to make changes.

natalie frappier said...

1.) The man is at a gas station. Since the price has gone up he assumes more fighting is in Libya.

2.)The guy says that there must be more violence in Libya, so that's why the gas price is going up.

3.) The symbol of gas prices rising means that more fighting must be rising in Libya.

4.) The man at the gas pump is pumping gas into his car. He notices the price is raised. Since the price has been raised, he concludes that more fighting broke out in Libya.

5.) The dictator of Libya is Muammar al-Gadaffi, who has been dictating for forty one years. Since people are starting to go against him and try to kick him out, prices of oils have been risen. This happens because of the ripple effect. Once one retaliation happens, more happen.

6.) The message of the cartoon is the basic reactions of people who are angered and confused about the prices being raised. It is showing people the most common reason of raised prices. The reason is because of retaliation in Libya.

VIctor Anderson said...

1. The people of Libya are pushing the statue of liberty on to Khadafy.
2. The people are trying to show him the rules of liberty and how he is breaking them.
3. The statue of liberty symbolizes the peoples rights and what Khadafy is doing wrong.
4. The People of libya are trying to get rid of Khadafy. He rules without liberty and so they try to crush him with a symbol of liberty.
5. Khadafy has been ruling Libya for a long time and people are becoming violent as result of his poor ruling decisions. This cartoon is a foreshadow of what might happen if khadafy doesn't change. If he doesn't change soon the people are going to stand up against him and he will lose his power.
6. The Cartoon is saying that if Khadafy doesn't change soon Liberty is going to be against him. Liberty and the people of Libya are both against Khadafy.

Aryn Gilligan said...

cartoon #1

in this cartoon the women points out a place that is hiering and she telles the man next to her but the man points out that the place that is hiering is the office that helps people to find jobs. This cartoon shows that its hard to find jobs becasue the place that helps people find jobs is hiering because there is no jobs for them to help people find.