Friday, February 25, 2011

Political Cartoons Options


Abby M said...

-I chose cartoon #2.

1.) The person in this cartoon is a regular person at the gas pump. This person is complaining about the cost of gas.

2.) A normal guy is at a gas pump. He realizes that the gas prices have sprung up because of the protests in Libya.

3.) The man in this cartoon says, " Looks like violence has gone up a bit in Libya." This means gas prices have gone up because of fear of oil shortages due to the protests in this country.

4.) This man is pumping gas and notices that the price is a lot higher than normal.

5.)There is a massive protest going on in Libya right now. Libya supplies not even 2% of our world's oil and still oil prices are rising. No one really knows why this is so. People are afraid of an oil shortage. So this man is getting gas and is complaining about the rising cost of gasoline.

6.) This cartoon is drawing attention to the fact that gas prices are rising because of the situation that is going on in Libya. It is informing people that this is wrong that they are raising prices of gas because of a protest going on in another country.

Ashley Szumowski said...

1. The people I see in the cartoon are people driving in their car and they see a "Now Hiring" sign.

2. The people are making fun of out economic system because no one has a job and now buisnesses want people back.

3. The comments the people make regarding the signs on the window wanting people to work there. They're making fun of it a little bit with what they're saying.

4. People are driving in their car across town. They see a now hiring sign on the window and make fun of it. The reason causing this is because of the resession we're in.

5. Our economy is failing and America is loosing lots of money because of the resession that we're in. Everyone was loosing their jobs because of it but now employers want them back. Barely anyone is working and making money and no one is getting anywhere. People need jobs to continue to be successful. The people in the cartoon are making fun of it because first they fired them and now they want them back.

6. Explain the message of the cartoon. 3 SENTENCES
Our economy is failing. People need jobs. Employers want workers.

Joey W. said...

1. Man is staring at a gas pump.
2. Caption says, " Looks likeviolence has gone up a bit in Libya."
3. The gas pump and car stand for America's need for oil, while the caption explains we rely on other countries to supply our need.
4. The action taking place is a purchase. The man is fueling up his gas tank. He's disgusted that foreign countries problems force him to pay more for gas.(because some comes from there).
5. The Libya people in North Africa are rebeling against their dictator. They're unhappy with Muammar el-Qaddafi's control of oil. Protestors had force from the dictators army attack them. The violent quietings of protestors made most of North Africa very unhappy so they want a new leader. In the mean time the government and people are having a like civil- war.
7. The message of this cartoon is cause and effects results. The country Libya is fighting. An effect of the war is people everywhere have to pay more for oil because production is lowered.