Monday, May 16, 2011

Seniors- Final Presentations

Over all, the 4th quarter presentations were well-executed and of course, entertaining. Here are a few general comments and observations..

1. The "better" presentations were had a theme that was present throughout the project, which made it exciting for the child and the class.

2. The "better" presentations did not use too many questioning techniques, but rather they involved some class participation and a lot of hands-on activities for the child.

3. The purpose of the projects was not to point out observations you made about the child, but to set up and initiate activities using many additional materials.

The rubrics will break down your final grade for you. Thank you for all the enjoyable presentations. I hope it was an interesting and informative way to end your senior year.

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Nicole Mulski said...

From this program I’ve learned how bad discrimination can truly be. Although the children in the program felt what it was like to be discriminated that day in the classroom, they don’t know what it’s like to be truly discriminated against everyday like others. However, they did get a small glimpse of what it feel like to be part of the minority. I have also learned the affects discrimination has on people and how it makes a person feel. One of the scenes I remember the most is how the children felt in the classroom after recess when the teacher told the students brown eyed children were better than blue eyed children. The blue eyed students were slouched in their chairs with their arms crossed. They were beginning to feel the affects of what it’s like to be discriminated. A part of the film that surprised me was when the students were at recess. The brown eyed students were making fun of the blue eyed students and calling them names. The blue eyed students were very upset about this and felt singled out. Also, one of the brown eyed students even hit one of the blue eyed students. It surprised me a lot that the brown eyed student took it that far and got physical with the blue eyed student. By making people aware of the affects of discrimination we can all take part in stopping it.