Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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Shane and Anna said...

Dear Which way to go,
There are lots of pros and cons to both situations. With a natural birth, you pay less but it hurts more. Natural births can also be done outside a hospital setting, like a birthing clinic. Medicated delivery can prolong labor, and a natural birth is faster and you are more aware. Medicated delivery is much less painful though, and has to be done in a hospital. A C-section is more hazardous to your health, but there is very little to no pain involved. In a C-section however, you are not very aware. Good luck in your choice!

chloe said...

Dear Pondering about premies,
You should not be worried, the NICU is the best place for your baby. To help your baby gain weight you could try kangaroo care. Kangaroo care is when the baby is placed on the mothers bare chest to help the baby gain more wieght faster. Another thing you could do is to make sure your baby is in a calm,quiet place so it is more like the baby is in the womb. Make sure your baby is not stimulated to much by her environment.

Anonymous said...

Here is some information on the kangaroo Care that also helps a baby gain weight. Kangaroo care is a technique practiced on newborn, usually preterm, infants wherein the infant is held, skin-to-skin, with an adult. Kangaroo care for a pre-term infants may be restricted to a few hours per day, but if they are medically stable that time may be extended. Some parents may keep their babies in-arms for many hours per day. The name kangaroo care was chosen to describe this strategy because the method is similar to how a kangaroo is carried by its mother. Typically in kangaroo care, the baby wears only a diaper and is tied in a head-up position to the mother’s bare chest with a strip of cloth in a manner that extends the baby’s head and neck to prevent apnea.
Another thing that could help a baby gain weight is having the baby placed in a quiet warm enivornment. The normal neonate is loud and bright which could cause damage in the long run with staying focus or paying attention.


Dear which way to go,

ill start by telling you about natural birth. during natural birth you are completely drug free and can feel everything. It hurts more than medicated and cesarean births. The good thing about natural birth it that it is the quickest way of birth. also, the babies are more alert when they are born.
as for a medicated childbirth, there is not as much pain. you are never completely unconscious but you are numb from the waste down. these kinds of birth can take longer because you can't feel yourself pushing. the prolonged birth can lead to an emergency c-section.
C-sections are the only surgical birth option of the three. what happens is the cut your stomach open and physically remove the baby from the womb. if you have STD this would be a good option because it would prevent passing it on to your child.
I hope this has helped you make your decision & i wish you and your baby the best of luck!

janessa & karl

chudz and zach said...

Dear What did i get myself into,
Having a baby is a difficult task. There are many responsibilities to maintain. For instance,on an average a baby goes through eight diapers per day. You will need to be prepared to change at anytime. Your newborn will also have irregular sleeping patterns. Newborns sleep for nearly 2/3 of the day, which is sixteen hours. For the rest of the time you are awake you are going to be feeding, changing diapers and caring for your child. Good Luck!

sTr33t RuNnNaZzZzZ

Lindsay & Kristy said...

Dear "What did I get myself into,"
There is no critical period of bonding between the parent and the child, but parents may bond with their child by doing the normal things that babies do. Babies form bonds with their parents by opening their eyes, grasping their parents' fingers, or moving in their parents arms. They average 16 hours of sleep a day, but grow more wakeful as they get older. By around 3 months, babies should start to sleep through the night. By 6 months, more than half their sleep occurs at night. You should sleep when Ethan is sleeping. When Ethan is crying, you can soothe him by steady stimulation, such as rocking or walking him, wrapping him snugly, or letting him hear rhythmic sounds. While it is not necessarily true of all couples, marital satisfaction typically declines during the child-raising years. A newborn eats 2-3 ounces of formula 10 times a day, but as the child gets older they eat more food but less frequently. Best of wishes!!

chloe said...

Dear what did i get myself into,
Bringing a newborn home can be very hectic. You and your husband need to work as a team. a newborn baby typically sleeps about 16 hours a day. When the baby is up, they take alot of care and attention. They usually eat about 6-8 times a day and need their diapers changed around 8 times a day. good luck.

chudz and zach said...

Dear which way to go,
There are many positive and negative effects of natural childbirth and a C-section. A C-Section could save the babys or mothers life and it could be easier for the mother if the pregnancy is progressing slowly. A C-Section is more dangerous to your health, but it could be an easier birth process for the mother. Natural birth is very cost efficient and is healthier for the baby and the mother. Also, a natural pregnancy could take place at home or a birthing center. Medicated delivery can delay labor, but it will be less painful for the mother. Any decision you make, will be a good one. Good Luck!

sTr33t RuNnNaZzZzZ

Emily and Felicia said...

Dear Which way to go,

Congratulations! Having a baby is one of life’s greatest joys. Don’t be overwhelmed, many first time parents really don’t know what to expect. Here is some information regarding the different methods of childbirth. . .

Natural Childbirth is considered to be the best for both baby and mom. This method seeks to prevent pain by eliminating the mother’s fear through education about the physiology and reproduction and training and breathing and relaxation during delivery. If you decide to have a natural childbirth it is best to be prepared because no medication is involved. The Father, or coach, can be a big help in the delivery process.

Medicated Childbirth would be the best option if you do not tolerate pain well. Spinal or epidural injections have become increasingly common as physicians have found effective ways to relieve pain with smaller doses of medication. A walking epidural enables a woman to feel sensations and move her legs and fully participate in the birth. Medicated childbirth may bring about complications. In a study women who had regional injections enjoyed a more effective pain relief but longer labor. This is due to the fact that they can’t bear down. Medications may also cause defects with the child, although this is very rare.

Cesarean Delivery is a surgical procedure to remove the baby from the uterus by cutting through the abdomen. The operation is usually performed when labor progresses too slowly, if the fetus seems to be in trouble, if the mother is bleeding vaginally, or if the baby is breech. C-Sections are becoming more common, however if you have a C-section and are going to be expecting again, you will more often than not be required to have another. The recovery time is also longer than a normal vaginal birth.
Best of Luck!
The Dynamic Duo

Brian said...

Dear which way to go,
Natural, medicated, and Cesarean births all have several pros and cons. Many women choose natural birth because they feel the satisfaction of giving birth without any medications, and they also feel much more alert and not as groggy after the birth than a woman who takes medications may feel. Natural childbirth is the cheapest option. The biggest con is pain. An advantage of a medicated childbirth is that there is not as much pain as a natural childbirth. Disadvantages include a potentially longer hospital stay, grogginess, and additional expenses. C-sections are recommended by a doctor if you or the baby may be in danger, and although there is additional risk, they are generally safe. Disadvantages include longer recovery time and additional expenses. If possible, I suggest a natural childbirth.

Your angel.

natalie and maggie said...

1. Dear Parenting,
Help! I'm a 30-year-old woman, and I am expecting my first baby to be born in less than one month. I consider myself uneducated about the different methods of childbirth. Could you please inform me of the pros and cons of natural, medicated and Cesarean births. I just want to know what is best for my baby and me. Thanks!

Natural childbirth is less common than medicated childbirth because of the pain factor. Many women fear the pain of childbirth and therefore choose to have a numbing medication, but there are pros of natural childbirth. One advantage is that you will have more control over the events of labor. With medication, it may be hard to feel the contractions which may stop you from pushing at the correct time which could result in birth complications.

Medicated childbirth is what most women prefer because it muffles the pain of delivering a baby. While it eliminates pain, the drugs may pose a risk for the baby. Medication slows the delivery which may lead to a C-section or other methods of extracting the baby from the womb.

Cesarean sections may be necessary for multiple births, if the baby is in a breech position, or the mother has a disease the baby can contract through birth, but may be dangerous. There is a chance of infection, hemorrhage, higher infant mortality rate, damages to internal organs, and scar tissue. There is also a chance that the doctor will cut the baby during surgery, and a longer recovery time is to be expected with the c-section.

Jen and Julianne said...

Dear What Did I Get Myself Into,
Raising a newborn can be a confusing process if you don't know what to expect. As a newborn baby, expect your child to go the bathroom about 8-10 times a day. Also expect to feed your baby about 6-8 times a day. This is so frequent because their stomachs can only hold 2-3 ounces of formula at a time. Don't overreact if you find your baby sleeping most of the day. Babies typically sleep a total of 16 hours a day through frequent short naps. As a mother, it would be in your best interest to try and sleep whenever the baby sleeps since you may not sleep otherwise. The overall stress of raising a newborn may be difficult on your marriage and patience, however, if you divide your responsibilities equally, neither of you will feel so overwhelmed. Good luck and breathe!
the Parenting Pair

morgan said...

Dear Which Way To Go,
Here are some of the pros and cons of natural, medicated, and C-section births. Natural birth would be the most painful method, but it is also the quickest delivery. If you have a natural birth, you should have a "coach" to teach you how to breathe and relax. A medicated delivery would be less painful, but the drugs may make it harder to push during labor. Inability to push can prolong the labor. Finally, the third method is a C-section, which is the surgical method of delivery. It would be good to have a C-section if you have an STD or HIV, so that it isn't passed down to your baby. However, after a C-section you may be in pain and have to stay in the hospital for a few extra days. I hope this information helps you make an educated decision about which way to deliver your baby!

morgan said...

Dear Pondering About Premies,
Don't worry, a NICU is the best place for your premie to grow and get healthy enough to come home. If you want to help your baby gain weight faster, a proven method is Kangaroo care. To try it, hold your baby on your bare chest. This is the closest feeling to being back in the womb, so it should help the baby grow faster. Also, try to keep the environment your baby is in very quiet and not too bright.