Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Purple Class answers.

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sadie&rion said...

1. You can help your baby gain weight quicker by using the kangaroo care method. Place the baby on your chest to help him/her have skin to skin contact. This helps with bonding and it has been proven to help babies gain weight faster. Another way to get your baby to gain weight faster is by massaging your baby for 15 minutes three times a day. This has been proven to help gain up to 50% more weight faster. A different way to help your baby gain weight is very small frequent feedings.

mark and tom said...

1. Natural childbirth might be more painful during the delivery but you will have less recovery time after the birth and will get to go home faster.
If you choose to take medication to help the process along you could be in labor longer because you can't feel the lower half of your body (epidoral). Also, you could have a longer recovery time to wait for the drugs to wear off.
Under certain circumstances your doctor could choose to do a cesarian section for many reasons. Either labor is not progressing, the baby is in a breech position, or multiple births or the mother has an STD. This procedure will also have a longer recovery time. Therefore, the doctor will most likely tell you the way you will delivery the baby.

3. Newborns tend to get into their own daily routines. They usually sleep 2-3 hours 8 times a day. Therefore, a mother should sleep when the baby sleeps. They eat anywhere from 6-8 times a day and go through 10 diapers a day on average.

AmandaM/MatthewT said...

Dear Which way to go?,
With natural delivery, there are no medicine or drugs involved which will increase the pain; but There are many benefits to a natural delivery, such as--a shorter recovery period (you can walk right after delivery), you may sleep better and have a better morale after your delivery. Since you do not use any medications, you will be able to work more easily with your contractions because you can feel them. Also, with a natural delivery there are no extra costs. Although with medicated delivery, drugs are used which will lengthen the recovery period. it is also more expensive due to the drugs.

theresa & mari said...

Dear which way to go,

There are three different methods of delivery. They are natural, medicated, and cesarian section. The most common one is medicated delivery. This is when the woman is given local anesthesia to reduce the pain and then vaginally delivers the baby. The disadvantages of using this method is that the drug passes through the placenta which can harm the baby, and the woman is immobilized which can delay progression in pregnancy which can lead to a cesarian section. The cesarian section is the second most common birthing method. This is an incision made in the abdomen and the baby is pulled out. There are many reasons for a woman to have a c-section. Such as breach position, size of baby, mother with an STD, multiple births, mothers age, and other complications. The disadvantages for a cesarian section are the longer recovery, and higher expenses. The last and least common method is natural birth. This is the most healthy way to have your child, but not all women can use this method. The only women that can use this method are low risk pregnancy. The advantages are that its the least expensive way, shorter recovery, the mother can get up and move around after birth, and the mother has a higher moral. This is also the most painful because drugs aren't involved. All three methods are good but you have to choose the one that's best for you and your baby. Hope this information was helpful good luck with your pregnancy.

Sincerely ,

Annie and Kelsie said...

Dear Pondering about Premies,
Firstly do not be scared, many babies are born premature and most turn out fine. Your baby Emma is being taken care of to help her mature in a safe environment. Emma is in an incubator to help stimulate the womb and make your baby feel comfortable. When you can visit Emma try to stay calm and quiet because her brain can get easily over stimulated by all the noise and light. What you can do is something called Kangaroo care. This is when you put Emma on the bare skin of your chest and let her lay there. This has been proven to help the baby gain weight faster. Also it creates a bond between you and Emma. In the Kauai Study it showed that premature babies will turn out find as long as they have a stable environment and had fewer school, emotional, and language problems. Do not worry she will be home with you sooner than you think!
Baby Help

Steph Nally Dominic Fannon said...

Dear Pondering,
Having a premature baby is common. Although it may seem scary and stressful, premature infants are born, treated, and sent home perfectly healthy with time. Aside from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, you and your doctor can also take steps the quicken Emma's return home. One option is called "Kangaroo Care". This type of treatment is one that you as the mother can do yourself. When the doctor feels it is okay for Emma to be released from the NICU, hold her to your bare chest frequently for extended periods of time. This helps stimulate the baby's weight gain and even helps the relationship between mother and child. Another option you may take as the mother is to give Emma gentle massages when she is released from NICU. This fosters growth, weight gain, and motor activity.
Good luck!
The Dream Team

Christine McKeever and Laura Mullin said...

Dear Which Way to Go,
There is no one right method for everyone.Part of your decision is personal preference. Natural Childbirth consists of no medication so it may lead to more pain but there will be a shorter recovery period and you will sleep better.You can also have a prepared childbirth which also consists of no medication but you can take lamaze classes during your pregnancy to help ease pain of delivery.Natural and Prepared childbirth are the cheapest way to go because neither uses medication. Medicated delivery is a bit more pricey and consists of less pain. You will receive an epidural which numbs you waist down which relieves pain.The downside is it elongates labors and you can not push as well as you could if you had a natural childbirth.C-section is the most expensive because it is a surgery and it used in high risk pregnancy and premature deliveries. There is a longer recovery time than any of the other types of childbirth. Overall the most important thing is to chose the delivery you are most comfortable with. I hope I have help you in your decision with this information.

Been There Done That

Nicole said...

Dear Which Way to Go,
You're right, there are many different ways of childbirth, and yes, some are better than others. It is important to know about each one and I'm glad you asked. The first form of delivery is natural birth. I would recommend this if you are at a low risk for complications. A natural birth includes no painkillers or medicine, so it could be more painful, but you could feel a sense of accomplishment after the birth. There is a shorter recovery time for natural births and you can also get up and move around to stretch out after the birth. There is also no risk of medicine getting into the baby and you may be able to sleep better (and believe me, that's a plus!). The next way of delivery includes medication. You may receive a walking epidural or a normal epidural. The epidural takes about 20 minutes to get through the blood stream and numbs the lower half of the body. The walking epidural is less numbing to the body. The pros of having a medicated delivery is that there is less pain, but the cons are that it could leave to a longer labor, is more expensive, or may in fact lead into a c-section. This leads to an actual c-section. About 25% of births are through c-sections. It it a good idea to have a c-section if there is a risk of passing on a disease to the baby, if you are having multiple births, or if labor is not progressing and there are complications. But c-sections are very expensive, around $15,000, and since this is a surgery, you will have a longer recovery time and stay longer in the hospital. There is no definite correct way to have your baby but you should take into consideration all of these factors. I wish you good luck in your delivery, whichever you choose, and happy birthday to baby!


Nick And Marisa said...

Dear Which Way to Go,
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your concern is natural and it is very appropriate to be considering all of your options. There are a few things that you should know before making your decision. Natural birth will result in less recovery time, more participation in the birthing process, you will be able to sleep better, move around immediately after birthing the child, and you will have a great sense of accomplishment. One of the cons to natural child birth is that some women can find it to be much more painful than the other methods. With medicated childbirth, you will not experience the pain of natural childbirth, but it can be expensive, and labor will take longer. If you choose to have medication, such as an epidural, the bottom half of your body will be numb, which will make it more difficult to push with your contractions. However, medications like walking epidural will not numb the body. There is also a longer recovery time for a medicated delivery. A cesarian section is the most expensive and dangerous of these. It will also have the longest recovery time. Best wishes!
Pregnancy Pam

AH purple said...

Of all the childbirths natural, has the better pros, you get a shorter recovery, a higher sense of accomplishment, less hospital time, your baby comes into the world in a calmer environment, easier to work with your body and contractions, less chance of PPD, and it is significantly cheaper. The cons are that it can be more painful, more preparation time is needed, and there aren’t any doctors nearby in case of complications. Medicated birth on the other hand is less painful, there are doctors at the ready in case of problems, the cons are that you have a longer time for recovery and the birth cost more than natural, sometimes mothers have a higher chance going into depression.

Melissa E. Sarah f. said...

Dear pondering about premies,
There is no need to worry, you are taking the correct steps to getting your preemie home! The NICU is proven to help the baby develope further once it is out of the womb, but there are other methods that you can consider. These include the Kangaroo Carry method and also Dr. H. Als' NICU study. The Kangaroo Carrying Method urges skin to skin contact of the mother and baby which creates a closer bond. Also by doing this the baby can hear the mothers heart beat and sense the mother, these factors can help increase weight and help regulate breathing patterns. Dr. H. Als' study involves simulation of the mothers womb through the use of a dark, quiet, and warm setting. This setting helps the baby's immature brain and body to develop without many disturbances from the outside world.
Caring Carly

Dani Jacoby said...

1. Dear "Which Way to Go",
All three methods have their pros and cons. Concerning natural childbirth, it is not invasive and there are less chances of side effects due to the absence of strong medication. The mother will remain alert (which isn't a walk in the park), however the will be less chances of your baby having to be vacuum extracted, forcepped out, or other methods of those sorts. It is also better for the baby's organs because they won't have to process the strong medication. There are breathing exercises and relaxation methods to cope with the pain. If you're up for the challenge go for it! Now onto c-sections. I personally wouldn't opt for this method because it is a very intrusive test. It is usually used for high risk or some other pregancies (the baby isn't getting oxygen, the mother is bleeding, placental previa/abruption etc.) It is a surgery so the mother will have a scar and have a longer recovery time. Also the baby could be low-weight due to the early extraction of the baby. It's also a very emotionally draining method (mother has bad experience, which could cause negative feelings towards the baby). As for medicated births, epidurals may be given. They will make you unable to walk after birth. They allow reduced pain, reduced fatigue and the ability to rest during early labor. However the pushing will be less effective and the labor could be longer. The mother will be out of it for awhile after birth because of the high dose of medication. There are also walking epidurals which allow the mother to feel some of childbirth and allow them to walk after giving birth. Although it sounds like I favor some birthing methods over another, you may choose whatever method you feel the most comfortable with. Good luck!!

With the best prayers and wishes,
Diaper Dani

2. Dear "Pondering about premies,"
I know you want to help your baby as much as possible the the warm temperature controlled environment will allow Emma to get a good balance of fluids until her body is mature. Make sure that she is getting proper nutrition either intravenously or if she is able to through a bottle. Make sure to feed her slowly so she won't get an intestinal infection. Breast milk will help protect the baby from infections so you could try sticking to that. Also massage and lullabies have been known to make a baby gain weight as well. So get those singing pipes ready! Just trust in the NICU and start the massage/singing and Emma should be chubby and out in no time!

Eat up,
Diaper Dani

Anna and Rachel said...

Dear mother-to-be,
There are many things to consider when preparing for a newborn baby but deciding the deliver method is among the most important decisions. The safest way is natural childbirth and by this, it means no drugs! Of course, this method is more painful but it is more rewarding in the end. You will feel more accomplished and the labor process will move along more smoothly and quickly. However, if you are a sucker for pain, there are several choices for you. The most recommended is the walking epidoral or "local epidoral" which only numbs partial regions of the lower body. A normal epidoral will numb all the regions of the body but this makes it much harder to push and induce labor. A cesarean section is used for higher risk pregnancies and is usually used in emergencies. This will leave a scar because it involves an incision in the lower abdomen. The recovery time will also be the longest of all three methods. Good luck with your delivery and remember that as long as you are in a comfortable and supportive environment, everything will go well!

Yours Sincerely,

Delivery Donna