Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seniors- Ch. 5

Pretend you are a writer for Parenting magazine. Readers of the magazine write in questions to you regarding any parenting issues or topics. Below are several letter to Parenting that you need to review. Only respond to two letters of your choice. Be both creative and informative in your response. You may come up with your own pen name for your response.

Be sure to only respond to your class color section below. Use your text and notes to help you answer.

Value: 10 points


1. Dear Parenting,
Help! I'm a 30-year-old woman, and I am expecting my first baby to be born in less than one month. I consider myself uneducated about the different methods of childbirth. Could you please inform me of the pros and cons of natural, medicated and Cesarean births. I just want to know what is best for my baby and me. Thanks!

Which way to go?

2. Dear Parenting,
My baby, Emma, was born 8 weeks before her due date. She has already been in the NICU for one week. I am scared and feel very helpless. Besides the care from the NICU, is there anything else the doctors or I could do to help stimulate weight gain. I want to get Emma home.

Pondering about premies

3. Dear Parenting,
No one ever told me how hectic my life would be after Ethan was born! He is my first baby, and needless to say, my husband and I were unprepared for a newborn. What can you tell me about the patterns of newborns? What should I expect? How do I care for Ethan? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

What did I get myself into?


mike and brett said...

2. Dear Mom, need not be worried. Everything will turn out alright. The best thing for you as a parent to do is to not be stressed because it could affect the baby's well being. The doctors cannot speed up the process because the baby has to decide how much formula and nutrients they will intake. However, if your baby is not already, ask for Emma to be put in a quiet, dark room so it imitates her being in the womb,if possible. Any chance you get cuddle with the baby and give it tender loving care. Those are the most efficient ways to help bring your baby home swiftly and healthy. Sincerely, Mike and Brett.

shane and Anna said...

Dear Mom,
Don't be worried about caring for your newborn. Everything will fall into place eventually. It's important for you to be relaxed as a new mother. It's important for you to feed your newborn around 8-10 times a day, and be sure to have a healthy formula for your baby. Your baby should also be kept comfortable in a warm, dark room, which will remind them of the womb. You'll also have to change your baby's diaper several times a day. Babies usually sleep about 16 hours, and during that time you should feel free to sleep as well. Take good care of your baby and be as loving and nurturing as possible.

Good luck, Shane & Anna

mike and brett said...

Well mom, you're not the only one so do not feel bad. This will take some time to get used to, but I am confident you will overcome this stress. First of all, the baby will mainly do three things; eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. You will be changing diapers about 8 times a day, give or take. Also, the baby will consume about 2-3 oz in one feeding and 6 times a day. Only you will be able to notice a pattern of wake and sleep. Some signs of hunger are turning towards where you touch their teeth, crying, and try to suck on things. You can expect to work your sleep around the baby's sleep schedule. The best way to care for Ethan is to feed him when he seems hungry, and to take notice of signs he may give you. give him tender loving care and that will be the best thing you can do. Sincerely, Mike and Brett-the baby experts.