Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Seniors- Pink Class

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#1 Sight

1. Eye muscle coordination,focusing ability, and stereopsis are all developed by 6 months of age.

2. Newborns can differentiate between light and dark but they can't see all colors.

3. Vision development begins at birth.

4. Newborns can only focus 8-10 inches.

5. They develop the ability to see full color by 4 months.

6. Babies first views of the world are only in shades of gray.

7. They are born with all of their eye structures but don't know how to use them fully.

8.By 8-12 months they can judge difference.

9.In the first month of life, babies have the visual activity of 21-20.

10. At birth, the baby's eyes are already 65% of their adult size.

11.By 6 months of age, sight becomes the baby's most dominant sense.

12. During months 2 and 3 infants develop sharper visual acuity and their eyes begin to move as a team.

13. Blue and purples colors take the longest for a baby to recognized.
14. 6 months is when your baby should have their first eye exam.

15. A mature sense of sight is fully developed by the age of 1 year.

16. Premature babies are more at risk than full term babies for sight problems.

17. At 5 months, a baby is able to track moving objects.

18. Nerve cells in their eyes and brain that control vision aren't fully developed at birth.

19. By 8 months, babies begin to see like an adult.

20. Many newborns eyes appear to wonder because they have learned to focus their vision yet.

21. Newborn's vision allows preference for human's faces.

22. The infants need a change of scenery often.

23. Newborn's babies do not have the ability to see things in 3 dimensions.

24. Depth perceptions and judgment of distances develop at 3-6 months.

25. It's common for the eye color to change.