Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sophomores- Civil War Webquest

To further research the Civil War, you will work in a group of 4 students. Each student will have a different task to complete the assignment. Here are the tasks...

1. Reporter: You will act as a news reporter and write a news story about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Be sure to include a title for your article.

2. Historian: You will make a timeline of 10 events or battles that occurred during the Civil War. Include brief descriptions about each event.

3. Illustrator: You will draw a map of the states and show the sides using a key. Also include a picture of the Union and Confederate flags.

4. Biographer: You will choose any 5 important people from the time period. Explain their importance during the Civil War era. Include a picture of each person in your word document.

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