Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sophs: 1492- Answers and Grade Scale

Significance of 1492: Keyword Answers

1. 400th: Columbian Exhibition; mythical figure; explorer; discoverer; Spread Christian
500th: imperialism, colonialism, conquest; mourn for millions dead

2. Meeting of 2 worlds: new foods, global trade, increase European markets, changed environment, death and disease, progress

3. Disease: no natural immunities to measles, small pox; 50-90% died

4. Progress: New World=innocent, uncorrupted; visions of a perfect future

Blog Homework Rating

5: Excellent correct and thorough answers that are written in your own words. Complete
sentences are used.

4: Good answers in your own words. Complete sentences are used, however some details
are missing.

3: Average answers. Incomplete sentences Missing many details.

2: Answers are too short, incorrect, or not in your own words.

1: No effort was made to read and find the correct answers.

0: Assignment is not submitted.

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