Thursday, March 5, 2009

Option 1


shannon,dan,jacob said...

1. The world,Obama,and elephants.

2. "Hmm,should we help out or give him a wedgie?..."

3. Elephants symbolize republicans.

4. Pressure,tension,a lot of weight.

5. Obama trying to change the world and too much for him to handle. Republicans are wondering if they should try and help being cocky.

6. Obama has to much weight on his shoulders. Republicans aren't very happy. Are not trying to work together.

Meredith, Mehgan, Dana, Nydia said...

1.The objects are the world, and the elephants. The person is Obama.
2.“Hmmm, should we help out or give him a wedgie?”
3.The objects that are listed as symbols are the elephants. They represent the Republican Party.
4.He’s struggling to the lift world and the Republican Party is questioning whether to help him or not.
5.Obama is lifting the world.
6.The message is, is Obama strong enough to take on the job of being a president and he’s going to help the problems that we are in right now.
7.The Democratic Party would disagree with this they think Obama is capable of doing this job.