Thursday, March 5, 2009

Option 6


natasha, mike d, stef said...

1. There is a line of 12 people, and unemployment sign, there's a door, a bulletin board.

2. Unemployment, "I should've stayed in school, I could've been.." "Me?"

3. The unemployment sign represents people being unemployed. There is a line of people who are going in the direction the sign is pointing, this represents how many people don't have jobs.

4. Unsuccessful, depressed, mad, sad.

5. There is a line of people walking in the direction the unemployment sign is pointing, they all look mad that they have lost their jobs.

6. The message of the cartoon is that many people are loosing their jobs. 600,000 Americans filed claims for jobless benefits for a 5th straight week, the worst performance since 1982.

7. The people who would agree with the cartoon is the people who have lost their jobs, or can't get a job. The people who would disagree are the bosses, and business owners.

Amanda, Emily, Lauren said...

Lauren, Amanda, Emily

1. A line of people standing in front of a unemployment center. The two people who are talking are colored in. one man is in a business suit.

2. One man is saying “I should’ve stayed in school. I could’ve been…” and the man in the business suit is saying “me?”

3. The biggest symbol in this political cartoon is the unemployment sign on the wall.

4. In the cartoon you can’t really see their emotions but by their words you can tell they’re upset about not having a job. Especially the business man who went to college and school because he’s in the same situation as the man who didn’t.

5. People are standing in an unemployment line because they either don’t have a job or just got fired.

6. The message is that the person who went to college is in the same situation as the person who didn’t. The cartoon is kind of ironic in that way.

7. I think everyone would agree with this cartoon especially the people who got fired because of the declining economy.