Thursday, March 5, 2009

Option 5


meg, courtney ,and josh said...

1.Obama,and the auto industry. anything stronger ?

3. the needles represent the auto industry as the problems getting bigger.

4.Obama looks like he's going to give up.

5.the auto industry is getting bigger and obama is trying to catch the problem with his glove.

6.the message is that their trying to rebuild the economy and times running out.

7.the auto industry would agree it because their paying for it.

Cesar. Alex Chicabak, Zack :) said...

1.-Steroids, Obama, Auto Industry,

2.-"got anything stronger??"

3.-Steroids represent the money that the auto industry needs.

4.-baseball uniforms show the problems going on in the sport with the steroids.

5.-The baseball player(auto industry)is asking for some stronger steroids which shows that the auto industry is asking for more money b/c there strugling right now.

6.-The Auto Industry is going through some though times and asking for more money to become stronger just like baseball players are taking steroids to become stronger. Obama is representing that he is bailing out the auto company and giving them what they need.

7.-The baseball players would disagree b/c they don't want to admit that there taking steroids. Because it makes them look bad. The auto industry should agree because they are going through some though times because of the economic state the country is in right now.

Tim. Christian, Chuckeroo said...

1.Obama, steroids, and the auto industry.

2."Got anything stronger??" and "bailouts"

3.The steroids represent the money that the auto industry means.

4.The jacked guy looks like he is really desperate, and Obama kind of looks sad.

5.The auto guy is wanting more money.

6.The message is trying to say Obama should give them money but he isn't and you can see he doesn't want to.