Thursday, March 5, 2009

Option 3


Peter , Cody , Keith said...


1. Obama , old lady, a tree with a cat stuck .

2. The captions are telling us everything that Obama will be able to fix and that this is gonna be his plan for if he were to be elected President.

3. The ladder is a symbol to help people to be able to save the economy , the cat is a symbol of someone that is in need of help and where we need to be able to get in the future.

4. The objectives are to help the economy and help people financially.

5. The actions portrayed in this cartoon is Obama trying to save the cat from the tree.

6. The message of the cartoon is the Obama is trying to fix America and fix the economy.

7. I would agree with this message because we are in need of change and Obama is the person that will be able to give us this change and help us through everything that we are having problems with.

Brooke Nick Austin said...

1. Obama is the fireman an old lady and the cat who symbolizes the economy

2. The caption is naming all the stuff that he wants to fix with the economy. and it says lets start with the rescue meaning lets just take one thing at a time.

3 .The cat symbolizes the economy.

4. By the cat hanging on to the tree and almost falling off is saying that the economy is falling apart and that it needs to be saved.

5. Obama is trying to save the cat and do to much at one time.

6. He has to take things slow and do one thing at a time.

7. Republicans would agree with this cartoon because they think that obama is trying to do to much